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Saturday, 30 November 2013 14:28

Malaysian museum to hang Iranian calligraphy works

Works by a number of Iranian calligraphers will be showcased in an exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia.

The exhibition, which will open on December 10, will put works by over 30 other artists from 8 countries on display.

The museum has announced that the exhibit will run until May 10, 2014.
Veteran calligraphers Nasrollah Afjeii, Karamali Shirazi, Mohammad Bozorgi and Ahmad Mostafa are among the Iranian artists whose works will be displayed, said Art Advisor of the museum Farah Hakemi.
The museum has been looking for commonalities between modern art and old Islamic art, and the result has become a collection of a variety of artworks, she added.
The museum is home to a valuable treasure of Islamic art collected from the Middle East, East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

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