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Sunday, 26 January 2014 08:56

Hormuz Island displays world’s 5th-largest sand carpet

Hormuz Island displays world’s 5th-largest sand carpet

The world’s fifth-largest sand carpet was unveiled on Hormuz Island in southern Iran.

According to Iran Daily, announcing the above, Ahmad Kargaran, artistic director of the project, said the sand carpet covers an area of 1,600 square meters and is made of different types and colors of sand.
He added that between 40 and 60 artists from Hormuzgan province and abroad are collaborating on the 25-day project that will be completed on Feb. 14.
He said “They have used the unique, colorful sands of the island, which have made the carpet a unique artwork,” adding that the carpet is different in design and size compared with other projects.
Sand carpet is a Persian carpet design made with different types of sand. Three other sand carpets had already been made on the same island.
Before this project, the world’s largest sand carpet was made on the Canary Island and measured 900 square meters.



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Good effort.

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