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The Iranians are celebrating the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution while they have persistently stood on the goals of the revolution and have not withdrawn an inch form the …
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 10:15

Joint heritage registration beneficial

Iran is considered a pioneer among multicultural nations. It boasts over 200 tribes, clans and ethnic groups, such as Kurd, Lor, Baluch and Azari.
Sunday, 03 February 2013 10:19

Tribal migration attracts tourists

Tribal migration is considered the fifth favorite attraction of tourists visiting Iran.
A large number of various Iranian nomad tribes have flocked to the country’s capital to take part in a great exhibition to display their different lifestyles.
Gorgan plain is situated on the coast of the Caspian Sea. In the north of Gorgan plain, there is a vast low region which stretches as far as the forest …
Friday, 28 December 2012 10:02

Baluchi Culture

The Baluchis are ancient Iranians known for their unique culture and celebrations.
Friday, 21 December 2012 15:53

Iranians celebrate Yalda Night

The Iranian people all over the world have celebrated the arrival of winter and the victory of light over darkness in Yalda Night, one of the most ancient Persian celebrations, …
Thursday, 20 December 2012 09:14

Yalda, light victory over darkness

Millions of Iranians around the world are preparing for the traditional Persian winter Solstice celebration, Yalda Night, symbolizing triumph of light over darkness.
Friday, 07 December 2012 10:05

Iran carpet washing ritual on UNESCO list

Iran’s carpet washing (Qalishuyan) ritual has been inscribed on the UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Saturday, 01 December 2012 14:26

Nomads of Iran

Aryan tribes migrated into the Iranian plateau in the 2nd millennium BC.
‘Ta’zieh’ reflects the grandeur of Persian language, said a theater director.
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 14:34

Ta’zieh Performance

Ta’zieh is a traditional Persian theatrical genre in which the drama is conveyed predominantly through dramatic narration and music.
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 10:29

Tehran to host Nowruz intl. confab

Iran is planning to hold a meeting on the International Day of Nowruz to study and review the history of the origin and traditions of this festivity.
Friday, 02 November 2012 19:22

Italy hosting Iranian cultural festival

A festival exhibiting Iranian cultural heritage has kicked off at the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) in the Italian capital of Rome.
Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex is currently hosting the 7th Rural and Nomadic Hand-woven Carpet and Textiles Festival.
Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center is currently hosting a festival promoting the culture and traditions of the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.
Sunday, 07 October 2012 11:30

Qalishouyan: Traditional Ceremony

Mashhad-e Ardehal is a village in Isfahan province. It is located 40-45 km east of Kashan.
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 13:30

Golestan to host tribal culture festival

Handicrafts and souvenirs of Golestan and other provinces will be showcased in the Sixth Festival of Tribal Culture to be held in Golestan province from Oct. 4-7.
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 13:38

My pretty girl!

On the occasion of the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Masumeh (SA), the sister of Imam Reza (AS), which is the National Girls’ Day in Iran:
Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center is currently playing host to the Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province art and cultural festival, which opened on Saturday.