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The Healing Properties of Rosewater

Rose water is the essence obtained from a flower called Damask rose. Rose water is considered as a relatively cheap byproduct.


According to Health website,Rose water has a distinctive flavor and is used in some Asian foods. Rose water is the particular product of Iran and it has different usages. It has a very amazing smell with a lot of benefits. It is frequently used in Iranian sweets such as Halva, baklava, also it has vitamin A and C and some of famous beauty brand have used in their pharmacology and cosmetic products.

On the other hand we should consider that all benefits and advantages of rose water are not limited to just skin and hair care. it has a number of benefits for health which reduce stress and depression as well. This miracle product which brought to us by nature is made in two famous and attractive cities located in Iran which is Qamsar Kashan and Meymand Fars.

Rose water has an ancient relation with the religious rituals. For example, it is about a century that the rose water is sprinkled on the heads and the hands of the groups beating the chests in the ceremonies of the mourning for Hussein Ibn Ali (A.S). Also, Karbala is washed with the rose water after the unveiling and a large amount of this rose water is sent to Mecca.

Health Benefits of Rose Water

· Rose water eliminates sadness: smelling the rose water and pouring it over the head and face makes us relax, so in some Asian countries, the rose water is used in the mourning ceremonies much of the water used. Release of ''endorphins'' in the brain lets humans feel relief and calm.

· Rose water is useful to relieve headache. The best way is to apply cold compress of rose water for about 45 minutes.

· Rose water is useful to relieve depression and boost heart, brain, eyes, skin, and it is also effective on treatment of epilepsy.

· Teeth problems like paradontosis can be effectively treated with rose water. It can also provide relief in case of gum inflammation. When used regularly, rose water can provide relief against gum pain and also strengthens the teeth. By dropping some drops of rose water on the decayed tooth you can relief the toothache. In addition, rose water is very effective in eliminating bad odor from the mouth.

· Rose water is very effective in soothing tired and fatigued eyes. It is especially good for those who have to work on computers for long hours. Applying rose water eye drops can bring in instant relief to the eyes and it is useful for removing cataract.

· Aeration of rosewater can also be effective for the treatment of asthma, coughs; to relieve congestion and hoarseness we can also gargle the rose water.

· The nature of rose water is warm and it makes to have alkaline blood.

· Rose water removes the chest pain and prevents the risk of anesthesia. You can use the smell of rose water for those who faint.

· Smelling the rose water helps to strengthen the heart, removing anesthesia and to increase the inner senses.

· Drinking cold rose water removes your inner body heat and strengthens you.

· Rose water is used in beauty regimes by many men and women. It provides a wide range of benefits to the skin. It is very good in purifying the skin and protects it from bacterial infections. It is also a brilliant skin toner as it tones the skin and helps removing dirt and oil from the skin. It can also heal sunburn and wounds. It helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and reduces thread veins and broken capillaries. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin, and provides calming effect on acne and eczema. To remove body acne you should mix some rose water with some baking soda to gain dough. Then you can keep this dough on the acnes for an hour or at night (during the sleep).


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