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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 14:39

Yalda symbolizes Iranian culture

Yalda symbolizes Iranian culture

Yalda has potential for global registration, said the head of Regional Center for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Western and Central Asia.

Yadollah Permoun added that the cultural event is observed beyond Iranian borders, IRNA reported.
“Yalda is considered a cultural symbol of Iran in the world and pertains to intangible cultural heritage, customs and ceremonies,” he said.
It is marked by a social gathering of families and relatives. It boosts relationships, reconciliations and kindnesses.
Yalda stems from the ancient Iranian culture. It also demonstrates the deep knowledge of Iranians about the flow of seasons, astronomy and related issues.
People recognize Yalda as the longest night of the year since olden times.
Parmoun continued that Yalda like Norouz is an old custom. “Yalda is in an area which we call cultural Iran.
Since it is spread beyond current Iran, it indicates the dominance of cultural of Iran in a bigger arena, and even beyond central and western parts of Asia.”
“From the viewpoints of human beings, night manifests darkness and blockage. If we consider the sunrise as revival and start of a new life, the day after the longest night of the year is a rebirth of nature.”
Since the day after Yalda night has been named as Khorram Rooz, he said, it is the day of planting trees in many cultures.
This shows respect to nature, peace, friendship, and beauty.
Families and relatives gather together, honor the older people, eat drinks, snacks and foodstuff during this night, he said.
Story-telling, Hafez poem recitation, and some traditional games create amity and better relationship between young and old generations.

Source: Iran Daily

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