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Iwan-e Karkheh

Iwan-e Karkheh

Iwan-e Karkheh is a Sassanid city about 20 kilometers northwest of Susa in present-day Sorkheh-ye Sheikh Aziz in Khuzestan Province.

It is the modern name of the ruins of an ancient city largely unexplored by archeologists, except for two brief campaigns in the 1950.
The first conclusions were intriguing. The city, founded in 4th century CE, is surrounded by a large, rectangular wall, Livius reported.
The enceinte, which is about four kilometers from north to south and one kilometer from east to west, can be seen over large distances.
The city was founded by Shapur II (309-379) after he sacked Susa. It is about 20 kilometers from the old city to the new, which is on the opposite bank of the river Choaspes, the modern Karkheh.
A large building, excavated in 1950, may have been his palace. The walls were covered with plaster, the building was surrounded by a garden, and it contained a transversal barrel-vault of a type that was to become popular in Christian churches, but has not been attested earlier than Iwan-e Karkheh.
This building, which also contained a square hall under a dome, later served as a mosque.


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