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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 06:55

Construction materials unearthed in Siraf

During an underwater excavation project, archaeologists uncover some construction materials at the historical port city of Siraf on the coasts of the Persian Gulf.

A number of construction materials have been found that are similar to those seen in the remains of the coastal buildings, said the US-based Iranian expert Sorna Khakzad.

“We have unearthed some man-made stone blocks and parts of walls, but the mortar has been washed away by seawater over the years,” Khakzad explained.

Led by Iranian archaeologist Hossein Tofiqian and Sorna Khakzad, an Iranian- American team started their work on July 16, 2012.

The American members of the team have brought special equipment necessary for underwater excavations.

The high-tech machines are capable of detecting old relics and treasures as needed for the project, said head of Archeological Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization Mahmoud Mir-Eskandari.

Located 220 kilometers south-east of Bushehr and approximately 380 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas, the city of Siraf is noted for its many historic sites dating back to the Sassanid, Parthian and Islamic eras.

Previous excavations had yielded east African ivory objects, Indian stone pieces, and Afghan lapis in Siraf, which confirm the use of the historic port as the main marine trade route during the pre-Islamic era and the first four centuries following the advent of Islam.

One hundred 35-130 meter deep stone wells and graves at the foot of the mountains surrounding the city are also among some of Siraf's unique archeological sites.


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