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Land of Light (70)

Welcome to the 70th weekly episode of the series Land of Light. As a reminder, last week it was said that Hamzah, the venerable uncle of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny), openly declared his adherence to Islam. Today, we speak of the torture of Yasser’s …

Iranian art on display in South Korea

An art exhibition, including Iranian calligraphy and handicrafts, opened on January 8 in South Korea to mark the upcoming 37th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

'I Dance with God' wins top Canadian award

Iranian film 'I Dance with God', directed by Houshang Mirzaee, won the award for Best Documentary Over 30 Minutes at Calgary International Film Festival in Canada.

Iranian musicians perform traditional pieces in Austria

Iranian vocalist Alireza Qorbani has held a Persian music concert in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

'Iran should revise drug-related laws'

The Iranian human rights chief says the country needs a revision of its drug-related laws so that it could dramatically reduce the number of executions related to narcotics crimes.

Oman signs key port deal with Iran

Oman's top Port, Salalah, has signed a basic agreement with two key Iranian southern trade terminals in what is expected to make the Persian Gulf state Iran’s new biggest trade partner in the region, replacing the United Arab Emirates.

Ban-free Iran beckons to US tourists

American tourists are heading to Iran in the aftermath of last month’s sanctions removal which saw Iranian tourism boom again, a new report says.

Day of commemoration of Hafez

Mehr 20 of the Iranian calendar corresponding to October 12 is commemorated as Hafez Day in the Islamic Republic of Iran in honour of the great Persian poet, Khwajah Shams od-Din Mohammad Hafez Shirazi. On this occasion, poetry recital contests are held, as well as literary gatherings throughout the country …