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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 08:33

Jyrki Hytönen from Finland

I am glad to have an opportunity to write a few lines about Finnish New Year traditions and my plans for this New Year.

 Finnish Christmas in traditionally celebrated quietly among family members. However, New Year is more like a general party.  During the New Year the whole country is snow covered and there can be quite low temperatures.  One of the musts are the numerous firework displayed all over the country. Families show fireworks and fire them in the evening before midnight. Professional firework shows are displayed by many towns. My hometown Kannus has also a firework display.  In Finland Sauna bath is tradition in the evening.  Many wait for the midnight in a party with friends at homes or go to restaurants.  I will stay at home together with my wife. The party is usually informal, usually a Nordic buffet table consisting of simple hot or cold dishes, snack and coffee.  E.g. we have smoked salmon, potato salad, green salad, bread and butter etc.  At midnight, people pop out to see the displays of fireworks.  Some make New Year resolutions. I have stopped making them….  New Years’ eve has traditionally been time for fortune telling and predicting of the future.  One of the most popular tricks in casting of tin. Everyone gets a small piece of tin shaped like a miniature horse shoe, a symbol of good luck. The horseshoe is melted and the liquid is poured into a bucket of cold water. Then you take the hardened tin and examine its shape and especially the shape of shadow it makes. One can interpret from the shadow the fortune of the next year.   I have many times especially when kid casted tin and it is very common. 

Happy New Year to you all at English Service… you have still to wait for the Nowruz almost three months.

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