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Monday, 14 December 2015 09:54

Kashoo Tawseef from the US

My take is that the Leader’s letter was again the need of the hour.


There is so much misunderstanding and misconceptions about the Islam and people in the west take the negative propaganda against Islam as serious. As a result they have a prejudice within their opinion when they talk about Islam.

Leader’s letter was addressed especially to the youth because they are the torch bearers of any society and the main point was that the leader requested the youth to study Islam from first hand sources and do more and more research about it so that the true message of Islam will come on surface which is peace, humanity and equality.       

After the attacks in Paris, Muslims are blamed which was false. Such attacks add to the Islamophobia that already exists in the western societies. This time again Leader wants the youth to stand up against this Islamophobia and educate themselves and the people around them about the true message of Islam by reading and consulting the first hand sources.   

It is very important to the Western youth to understand the root causes of any problem that exits in the world today, including the killing of innocents across the world, be that in Paris, Lebanon, Iraq or Syria. And the future leaders need to look at the history and not to repeat the mistakes of the past leaders.  

Thanks for giving me chance to share my opinion.

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