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Monday, 14 December 2015 09:54

Daniel Toth from Slovakia

As regards to the letter, the first one, and also the second one, I must say that a decision to write it and to publish it was a move of a great magnanimity from the position of The Imam Khamenei.


It was written in a peaceful and persuasive tone. European youth has however, I am afraid, become a defenseless prey of western media brainwashing and consumerist culture.

Imam Khamenei showed a deep spirit of magnanimity by not giving up a hope for a better fate of the European youth.

His letter was very needful and very important: European youth needs such words of hope over their betterment, love, compassion. They rather feel than know that the spiritual direction of their lives is not the best. They need a support like this. They need impulses, triggers, inspirations that would set them to the pathway of reconsidering, rethinking, confronting what they have been taught by the vicious western mainstream media.

The letter serves this purpose and yields this message and legacy perfectly! The youth would need even more of such letters. And most importantly

If Imam Khamenei organized a lecture tour giving lectures directly himself at the leading European universities, Islamic study centers in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia I am assured that such event would be a complete shock of positive energy, and positive spirit that the western propaganda would simply remain speechless.

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