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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 06:32

Roots of Arab-Western unity against Syria

 Roots of Arab-Western unity against Syria

The Middle East has been undergoing serious developments during the past year. These developments have led to the collapse of a number of the surrogates of the west and shook some others.

The developments which took place in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen changed the political equations of the region.

The dictators of these countries had close relations with the US and its European allies; that is why Washington and Europe are scared of uprisings in different parts of the world to be affected by the Islamic teachings. For this reason, the developments in the Middle East and North Africa are rightly named Islamic awakening.

The occurrence of Islamic awakening in the region in the past year has created an exceptional and historical situation in the Middle East. The overthrow of the dictators Zain-al Abedeen Ben Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has very much damaged the former ties with the western countries especially the US and deranged the balance of power in the Middle East. Naturally these events have been very detrimental to the Zionist regime. The Americans tried by managing the popular uprisings to curtail the changes in these countries to hinder their spread to other regions. Despite the efforts of the US regime and its European partners to deviate the revolutions, Islamic groups are the winners in any election which is freely held. The US, the European governments and the US-affiliated Arab regimes have adopted another measure to take advantage of the Middle East developments; i.e. to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. This country is quite different from all other regimes swept by the wave of the Islamic awakening in the past year, for Syria is placed in the front line of campaign against the Zionist regime.

The US government and its regional allies have exerted their utmost to foment insecurity in Syria under the pretext of support for democracy.

Those of the Arab rulers who are less committed to the primary rights of citizens and elementary principles of democracy are more shedding crocodile tears for the lack of democracy in Syria.

The Al-Saud as the least democratic regime among the Arab countries very harshly quenches any cry of freedom-seeking and does not even let women drive and vote in elections—if there is any election in the country. This oil-rich country together with the Qatari emir have become the leaders of the Arab League and executors of US policies for creating unrest in Syria under the pretext of support for democracy. Why don't the US and its European and Arab allies speak of democracy in Bahrain and Yemen? They not only are not seeking to defend the rights of the oppressed people of these two countries but they do their best to preserve their dictatorial regimes. They do not want democracy in Syria but they wish to deal a blow to the anti-Zionist front. During the years 2006 and 2009, the US regime hoped that the Zionist regime could defeat Hezbollah of Lebanon and Hamas of Palestine, but the fabricated Israeli regime not only did not achieve this goal but its wars with Hezbollah and Hamas backfired so much so that its myth of invincibility was nullified. The arrogant US regime thinks that if it launches a civil and tribal war in Syria it can harness the wave of Islamic awakening and drive the regional developments towards its illegal interests and materialize its dream of defeating the resistance against the Zionist regime.

The European governments and their Arab friends like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Jordan have accompanied the US for overthrowing Assad government in Syria. Unfortunately the Turkish government, which pretends to be the defender of Islamic resistance in campaign against the usurper Israeli regime, has turned into the US pawn in this chess game. It is about 10 months that the western and Arab unity has spared no effort to overthrow al-Assad government. Meanwhile some Syrian stances have given the US and its allies the pretext to justify their measures against Syria. Their latest act was an attempt to approve a resolution in the UN Security Council to endorse the AL initiative against Syria.

But the US has failed to endorse the resolution against Syria due to the Russian and Chinese vetoing of the resolution. The US and the European governments harshly reproached Russia and China. Robert Fisk the analyst of the British daily Independent said, “What took place in Gaza was true but at that time the Americans made no mention of human rights violation.”

During the over 60 year life of the illegitimate Israeli regime, the US has vetoed 60 draft resolutions against the regime. The last one was about the Zionist regime's crimes in killing the Palestinian children and women of Gaza in 2006. Once Russia made a mistake in regard with Libya and Britain; so France launched air raids on Libya after the approval of no-fly zone resolution at the Security Council.

After the overthrow of Gaddafi, the West refused to give any role to Russia in Libya but this time Russia did not repeat its stance on Libya and it still supports Assad. 4 days after vetoing the draft resolution against Syria at the UN Security Council, the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov left for Damascus. In his meeting with the Syrian president Bashar Assad, Lavrov voiced his support for reforms in Syria to secure people's demands. Although the effort of the western-Arab unity for approving a resolution against Syria met with failure, they will continue their moves to stage a civil and tribal war in Syria. The Americans would like to see Syria in ruins and they do not care how many people are killed in the civil war. They not only think of toppling the Syrian government but are seeking to destroy the economic infrastructure of the country. In the US Road Map, the US and its allies want to push Syria out of power and to be in need of the western economic support. This path is aimed at invigorating the Zionist regime and stipulating the New Middle East plan. The US goal is the unrivaled domination of the Zionist regime and materialization of US-Zionist regime hegemony in the Middle East. In other words, democracy in Syria is not the goal for the US and its allies but the goal is to pave the ground for US hegemony through destroying countries. But the US and its allies should not ignore one point: the wave of Islamic awakening in the region will not allow the Great Satan (the US) to materialize its objectives. The US hegemony and influence is waning in the world and in the Middle East. Definitely the future of the Middle East belongs to its nations.

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