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The Syrian Air Force dropped a series of leaflets over the terrorists-held part of Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday, giving the Takfiri terrorists yet another chance to lay down arms and …
The ISIL terrorist group has sustained hundreds of casualties in the Syrian government forces' anti-terrorism operations in the southeastern part of Aleppo in recent days, Arab media sources disclosed on …
The Saudi regime has resorted to the targeted killing of its mercenaries who have changed their stances and defected to the opposition camp in southern Yemen.
More than two dozen civilians have lost their lives in another Saudi aerial attack against a residential neighborhood in Yemen’s west-central Yemen province of Sana’a.
Turkey’s foreign minister has reportedly said that his country and the Zionist regime of Israel would soon release a joint statement, announcing an end to six years of a freeze …
Saudi Arabia defends its war in Yemen after an EU call for arms embargo on Riyadh amid reports of high civilian casualties in the impoverished country.
The Iraqi government and the US embassy in the Arab country have issued separate warnings to the residents living along the Tigris River about the threat of a possible collapse …
ISIL has executed eight Dutch members of the Takfiri terrorist group in Syria on charges of trying to flee the battlefield, a local source says.
Russia has suggested that a federal state may be a suitable government model to preserve Syria’s unity and sovereignty.
The US-led coalition that has allegedly been striking terrorists in Syria for the past two years has reportedly discussed the potential of adding a ground component to the campaign.
The Syrian government has warned against Saudi Arabia’s attempts to undermine a cessation of hostilities agreement that recently came into effect across the war-hit country.
Monday, 29 February 2016 19:44

Zionist regime abducts 13 across Palestine

The illegal Zionist entity has abducted more than a dozen Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza strip as part of its increasing crackdown on the residents …
Monday, 29 February 2016 19:41

Bahrain jails five for attacking police

A court in Bahrain has sentenced five people to up to 15 years in jail over their alleged role in an attack on police forces in the Persian Gulf Arab …
Monday, 29 February 2016 19:35

Omani man jailed in UAE over Yemen war

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Supreme Court has jailed an Omani national for three years for calling UAE mercenaries killed in Yemen as cowards.
Monday, 29 February 2016 17:51

Explosion hits Yemen’s port of Aden

An explosion has hit the city of Aden in Yemen; security officials say, as insecurity continues to grip the major port city south of the impoverished country.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the Syrian ceasefire is largely holding although some incidents were recorded over the weekend.
At least 14 have been killed in a bomb attack northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, officials say.
Syrian government forces have managed to retake control of a strategic road in northern Syria in a new major advancement that paves the way for purging the northern city of …
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has roundly condemned Saudi Arabia for defying calls to halt airstrikes on Yemen; following a recent air attack that killed dozens of civilians in …
Israeli military forces have shot and injured three Palestinians during skirmishes in the occupied West Bank as well as in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip.