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Saturday, 12 March 2016 05:42

Erdogan threatens top court over freed journalists

Erdogan threatens top court over freed journalists
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the Constitutional Court that future rulings similar to the one that led to the release of two opposition journalists could open a debate over the court’s existence and legitimacy.

According to Press TV, the Constitutional Court rejected charges against Can Dündar, the Editor-in-Chief of the center-left Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, and the paper’s Ankara representative Erdem Gül late last month and allowed their release after three months in jail.

"I hope the constitutional court would not again attempt such ways which will open its existence and legitimacy up for debate," Erdogan told a rally in the southwestern city of Burdur on Friday.

"This institution, with the involvement of its president and some members, did not refrain from taking a decision that is against the country and its people, on a subject that is a concrete example of one of the biggest attacks against Turkey recently," he said during the televised speech.

The president also said that he would not shy away from expressing his objections and would personally confront anyone who breaches “boundaries.”

Dündar and Gül were arrested late November 2015 on charges of revealing state secrets, treason, terrorist propaganda, and espionage.


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