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Thursday, 10 March 2016 06:21

US-led strikes claim over 1,000 civilians in Iraq, Syria in 18 months: Report

US-led strikes claim over 1,000 civilians in Iraq, Syria in 18 months: Report
Well over 1,000 civilians have been killed in US-led airstrikes allegedly targeting ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria over the last 18-months, says an airstrikes monitoring group.

According to a report released by Airwars on Wednesday, the latest estimated figure is some 50 times more than the number of deaths acknowledged by the coalition.

“I feel I’m a helpless witness to 1,000 innocent victims killed by coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria during the last 18 months,” said Airways analyst Latif Habib.

A total of 352 coalition-related events leading to civilian casualties were analyzed by the UK-based group. Based on credible public reports and officially confirmed strikes, 1,004 to 1,419 non combatants have so far lost their lives.

Only 16 incidents have been confirmed by the Pentagon which claims 21 civilians died in the said events. None of Washington’s coalition partners have so far admitted to any civilian deaths, despite taking part in a total of 10,800 assaults in the two countries.

In February alone, a total of 144 civilians were reportedly killed during 22 coalition airstrikes.

The US launched its airstrikes purportedly against ISIL inside Syria in September 2014, without any authorization from Damascus or the UN. It has also been carrying out airstrikes in Iraq since June 2014 allegedly targeting ISIL terrorists in the north and west of the country.


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