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Saturday, 06 December 2014 07:18

‘Takfiri terrorists doomed to fail’

‘Takfiri terrorists doomed to fail’

The Head of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar Hakim, has emphasized that the Takfiri terrorists in Iraq are doomed to fail.


According to IRIB World Service, Ammar Hakim said on Friday that the people of Iraq should follow the righteous path of the Third Infallible Heir of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny), Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him), and should know that ISIL terrorist group will never attain its ominous goals in Iraqi soil.

Hakim reminded that the uprising of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) was a humane and Islamic movement.

He also expressed hope that people of Iraq would soon get rid of terrorists.


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