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Saturday, 12 March 2016 05:53

Police clash with protesters in Istanbul

Police in Turkey fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration held Friday in remembrance of a teenager whose death two years ago gave rise to anti-government protests across the country.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the Constitutional Court that future rulings similar to the one that led to the release of two opposition journalists could open a debate …
Saturday, 12 March 2016 05:36

Israel strikes on Gaza leave child martyred

A 10-year-old Palestinian boy has been martyred and his two siblings injured in a new Israeli aggression against the beleaguered Gaza Strip.
A group of Palestinians have recently filed a $34.5-billion lawsuit against a series of pro-Israeli corporations, individuals, and non-profit organizations, accusing them of helping the Zionist regime to expand its …
Nearly two pro-Saudi terrorists supporting the fugitive former Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi have been killed in an offensive by Yemeni army forces and allied fighters in the southwestern …
Friday, 11 March 2016 19:36

Iraqi child dies in ISIL chemical attack

A three-year-old Iraqi girl has succumbed to injuries she sustained during a chemical attack by the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group on a village in the northern province of Kirkuk.
Tens of thousands of Iraqis held a demonstration in the capital, Baghdad, Friday to call for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to form a new cabinet of independent and professional ministers.
Iraq and Lebanon have refused to go along with a decision by fellow Arab League members to declare Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement a "terrorist" group.
Hundreds of Bahrainis took to the streets across the Persian Gulf kingdom Friday in a show of protest against the continued imprisonment of prominent religious scholar and opposition leader Sheikh …
UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said Friday presidential and legislative elections in the country, which will be observed by the United Nations, will be held in the …
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura to invite minority Kurds to participate in the next round of Syria …
Israeli forces have stormed the West bank offices of Palestine Today television and arrested a manager, claiming the TV has been fueling violence across the occupied territories.
Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has suggested that a deal to elect a new president and end the political deadlock in the Arab country is almost ready.
The United Nations high commissioner for human rights has censured the government in Bahrain for its harsh crackdown on the dissents, calling on Manama to carry out fundamental reforms.
The decision by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) to designate the Lebanese Hezbollah as a “terrorist group” is meant to undermine the effectiveness of the ongoing regional campaign against …
Thursday, 10 March 2016 14:13

‘Syria heading towards victory’

An advisor to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Buthainia Shaaban stressed that Syria is heading towards victory, thanks to sacrifices of the loyal people in the country.
A meeting has been held at the United Nations to discuss the possible collapse of Iraq’s largest dam, with officials calling for prompt action to prevent a disaster.
The Zionist regime’s army has heavily deployed troops and equipment along the Lebanese border and stepped up military activities there, a report from Beirut says.
At least 40 people sustained injuries when the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group used “poisonous substances” during the shelling of a village in Iraq’s Northern Province of Kirkuk, officials say.
Well over 1,000 civilians have been killed in US-led airstrikes allegedly targeting ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria over the last 18-months, says an airstrikes monitoring group.
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