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Investigators in the US state of California are seeking hate crime charges against a Donald Trump supporter for planning to attack American Muslims.
Muslim leaders in the United States are unveiling initiatives in an effort to tackle Islamophobia, which has particularly peaked in the country due to anti-Islam statements by GOP candidate Donald …
The US military has confirmed that those six soldiers killed in an attack on NATO forces near an airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan were American troops.
Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says the United States is losing influence around the world because of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and censured Donald Trump for praising Putin as a …
The US embassy in Tunisia has warned American citizens in the north African country against a major terrorist attack.
Five people have lost their lives when their small plane crashed in the US State of California.
A new report says the United States has not waited for presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial anti-Muslim comments to materialize, as it is already banning Muslims from entering America under …
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has called for a federal investigation into whether the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has ties to terrorism.
A jury in the US city of Baltimore is deadlocked over a verdict in the trial of a police officer involved in the death of African American detainee Freddie Gray.
Vandals have spray-painted two mosques in the US state of California.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has slammed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for his Islamophobic remarks, saying that his comments will be used as a recruiting tool for extremist …
Leading American political analyst and philosopher Noam Chomsky has blamed the United States and its Western allies for the last month's Paris terrorist attacks.
Sunday, 13 December 2015 15:50

Obama warns over prejudice against Muslims

US President Barack Obama has called for unity among Americans, warning that prejudice and discrimination against Muslims undermines the country’s national security.
Authorities were investigating a suspected arson attack against a mosque in California, and members of the congregation blamed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment, …
Saturday, 12 December 2015 07:24

Trump website taken down by Anonymous hackers

The activist hacking group Anonymous temporarily shut down the website for one of Donald Trump's properties in New York City over the US presidential candidate’s anti-Muslim comments.
A jury in the United States has found a former Oklahoma City police officer guilty of rape and sexual battery.
Friday, 11 December 2015 09:59

African American man dies in police custody

An African American man dies in US police custody after officers use pepper spray against him during his arrest.
A plane carrying 163 Syrian refugees has arrived in the city of Toronto in Canada. This is the first group of asylum seekers arriving in the country.
Donald Trump, the leading US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, has postponed a planned trip to the Occupied Lands, saying he will reschedule "at a later date after I …
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is by far the least-liked by American voters compared to his White House rivals, a possible consequence of his Islamophobic comments, a new poll …