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Thursday, 10 March 2016 07:24

Fresh shooting claims multiple fatalities in W Pennsylvania

Fresh shooting claims multiple fatalities in W Pennsylvania
At least five people are killed and several others injured in a new mass shooting in the US State of Pennsylvania.

Reports say two gunmen involved in the shooting near Pittsburgh killed four women and one man in a residential neighborhood in Wilkinsburg, about 8 miles (13 km) east of the city.

According to Press TV, police and paramedics, who rushed to the scene of late Wednesday shooting, say the suspects are at large.

"I heard at least 20 shots," a witness told a local broadcaster which reported that at least two gunmen were involved.

Other regional media said seven or eight people were shot.

Police were not immediately available for comment. Several reporters in the area Tweeted photographs of ambulances and police cars, Reuters said.

Dozens of shell casings littered the pavement of an alleyway at the scene, media reports said.

Wilkinsburg is a borough of about 16,000 people, with many lower- and middle-income residents, demographic data showed.

The motive for the shooting is not known yet.


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