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Monday, 31 March 2014 03:06

Iranian family’s post-9/11 ordeal in US

According to Press TV, an Iranian philanthropist family that has recently been sentenced to prison, plus millions of dollars in penalties for donating money to the needy children in Iran, talks about its ordeal following 9/11 attacks.

The US prosecutors say $600,000 of the $20,000,000 donations of the Lahiji family have been in violations of US sanctions on Iran.
In late 2013, a court in Oregon sentenced, Dr. Hossein Lahiji, a 50-year-old urologist and his attorney wife, Najmeh Vahid, to one year and a day in prison, as well as about two million dollars in penalties for donating money to the Child Foundation, a Portland-based charity that sent money for poor children in the Islamic Republic.
In January 2014 in Houston, the Lahijis who were at a disadvantage due to the Oregon verdicts entered into a plea agreement. The agreement required about $3,250,000 in penalties, complete surrender of US legal statuses, dismissal of the Oregon appeal, waiver of all civil rights actions against the US government and the one year and a day in prison concurrent to the Oregon sentence.
But Mrs. Vahid in an email to Press TV before receiving her surrender letter criticizes the administration of Barack Obama for “criminalizing Iranian donors of purely humanitarian aid to Iranian children."
She also explains about the “endless suffering” her family has been enduring since 9/11.



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