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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 19:21

Hungary in emergency state over refugee crisis

Hungary in emergency state over refugee crisis
Hungary’s Interior Minister Sandor Pinter says Budapest is declaring a state of emergency in response to a “crisis situation” related to refugees and plans to strengthen the country’s border protection.

On Wednesday, Pinter said the country was deploying police forces and army troops to patrol its borders in the southern area.

"Hungary will strengthen protection of its borders, and we declare a crisis situation due to migration for the entire country," the Hungarian minister said.

He added that the measures were necessary due to uncertainty about the whereabouts of refugees stranded across the Balkans.

Pinter said Budapest is also making preparations along its borders with Romania in order to set up a fence in the area over the next 10 days, adding that Romania has pledged to prevent any refugees from reaching Hungary via its borders.

On Tuesday, police detained 127 refugees who had entered Hungary, mostly through a border fence with Serbia.

Hungary had declared a state of emergency in a number of counties affected directly by the entry of refugees last year.


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