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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 08:28

'85% of British women sexually harassed'

'85% of British women sexually harassed'
A new survey says 85 percent of young women in the UK have been sexually harassed in public places.

According to Press TV, the survey commissioned by the End Violence Against Women Coalition and conducted by YouGov also said 45 percent of the women in the same range of age reported experiencing unwanted sexual touching.

According to the survey, 64% of women of all ages had also been harassed, with 35% experiencing touching. Only 11% reported that someone else had intervened on their behalf while being inappropriately touched, despite most saying they wanted help.

Meanwhile, over a quarter of women who had experienced sexual touching or harassment said they were under 16 years old when it first happened. Observers say sexual harassment of females had been normalized at a young age.

“Women supported more police (53%), better street lighting (38%), more transport staff (38%), and public awareness campaigns encouraging others to intervene (35%),” Sky News reported.

A total of 1,650 adults took part in the online survey including 889 women. 106 of the participants were aged 18-24. The study was carried out between 26 February and 1 March 2016.

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