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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 16:22

UK should consider ground forces in Syria, Iraq

UK should consider ground forces in Syria, Iraq

The UK’s former Foreign Secretary William Hague says London should not rule out having some of its own forces on the ground in Syria and Iraq.


In an article published in the Telegraph, Hague wrote that the destruction of ISIL terrorists also known as Deash would require a military presence on the ground.

“Military presence should be Syrians, Iraqis or other Arabs, but it would be a mistake for Britain or other western nations to rule out some of our own forces operating there if that can make the crucial difference to the outcome,” he added.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to present his plan for tackling ISIL to parliament, before deciding whether or not to put the issue of launching airstrikes on ISIL in Syria to a vote by MPs.

Hague noted that the publication of the long-awaited Chilcot report into the war in Iraq will be “a time to acknowledge that we were wrong about the invasion of Iraq”.

“We relied too much on evidence that turned out to be flimsy, and let our most important ally, the United States, become exhausted when there were many other battles to fight,” he wrote.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seems remaining against any action in Syria but he has told his shadow cabinet that he wants it to come to a collective view.


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