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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 09:00

China to start inspecting North Korean ships

China to start inspecting North Korean ships
China will start inspecting the North Korean ships that dock at its ports for banned cargo as part of new international sanctions against Pyongyang.

The move, which Beijing would start taking against the vessels as of Thursday, corresponds to its commitments under a raft of sanctions adopted against Pyongyang at the United Nations Security Council earlier in the month, Japanese paper Sankei Shimbun reported on Wednesday.

The sanctions, which were cleared by the Council on March 2, impose trade restrictions on North Korea, require UN member states to inspect all cargoes to and from North Korea, and bar vessels suspected of carrying illegal goods to the country from leaving ports.

Accordingly, North Korean general cargo ship Grand Karo was also barred recently from berthing at the Rizhao port in northeastern China, according to Reuters. The ship is among the 31 vessels blacklisted by China’s Ministry of Transport in line with the sanctions regime

Authorities in China are also more watchful of the remittances the country makes to North Korea as all existing branches of North Korean banks in UN member states are to be closed within 90 days of the imposition of the sanctions.


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