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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 06:13

Leader: Spirit of Islamic art distinguishes it from non-Islamic art

Leader: Spirit of Islamic art distinguishes it from non-Islamic art

The Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has said that the spirit of Islamic arts is its point of difference with non-Islamic arts, while pointing out that Islamic art is inspired by mankind’s inner-self and spirituality.


According to IRIB, in a meeting with the chancellor of Tabriz Islamic Arts University, the university’s vice-chancellors, academics and artists, the Leader of Islamic Revolution unveiled the Holy Qoran that was woven on a carpet.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution named this valuable Qoranic carpet as a durable source of honor and a huge reminder and memento for the sacred Islamic system and noted that this carpet has originated from the love of Iran’s artists, and revives the names of its weavers and the art of carpet-weaving for centuries.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution lauded all those artists that played a role in this prominent work of art, while reminding that this carpet would be handed over to the museum so that it would remain for the view of all.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution further attached paramount importance to Islamic arts, while noting that when art originates from true faith, Islamic art is shaped.

In further remarks, the Leader said that Islamic arts cannot be created with instructions and in fact when the spirit and standpoint of the artist is corrected, the Islamic art is created.

The Leader also termed as essential focus on handicrafts in different regions of Iran and recommended that the art of handicrafts would continue with the encouragement of skillful artists.

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