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Monday, 08 October 2007 18:53

Supreme Leader’s Remarks on the Day of Disciplinary Forces

Sample ImageThe day of disciplinary forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran is a day for people to pay attention to their (Police Forces) efforts and struggles.

The Police force should be strong, intelligent, morally sound, trustworthy, quick to respond, courteous and understanding towards people.
Disciplinary forces should serve as a shelter to all of those people who feel that they art being frightened and threatened.
They should serve as an exemplary role model for the people.
Disciplinary forces should serve as a symbol of honor, integrity, resolve, and compassion.
When people refer to the police force, they should feel that responsible and committed personnel are waiting for them to hear their problems and resolve them.
Armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Basij and police force are the true ideals of humanity in our country.
The Police is not an armed group isolated or aloof from the society; it is a group that is part of people's lives and this is a very sensitive and delicate job.
The presence of the police should create a feeling of security and provide comfort to people's hearts and this is the status of the disciplinary force in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It is necessary to review the performance of the disciplinary force, take stock of its strength, and accord respect to this valuable force.
Today, the police force is serving the nation and should equip and prepare itself towards this direction more than ever before. Serving people should be an honor and the more difficult this service, the more honorable and rewarding it would be.
The disciplinary force is the symbol of national strength.
I emphasize that all police personnel should be trustworthy and honest since people expect these qualities in policemen.
Disciplinary forces should manifest three symbols: first comes piety and whatever stems from it like modesty, well behavior and Islamic morale. Second comes strength and resolve, since the police ought to be decisive. Third comes intelligence and vigilance, which means that they should not be deceived and be present everywhere.
The only consideration that applies to the disciplinary forces is that they should observe rules and regulation and consider morals while implementing rule of law.
Today, the police force is sound, strong and honorable; hence, it should prove its functionality in all arenas.
While in uniform, the police should make people feel safe and secure. If anyone makes people's lives unsafe and insecure, then his conscience should come into play and if he is not jolted by his own conscience, then those establishments that are responsible should confront such an erring person in uniform.
The police force carries the great responsibility of safeguarding social security. Social security means that people should not feel unsafe, frightened and insecure in their homes and work place. This is a very important issue.
My expectations from the Iranian disciplinary forces are summarized in three characteristics: strength, honor and compassion.
The greatest duty of the police force is to preserve these values. Strength, honor and compassion bear fruit in safeguarding Islamic and Qur'anic values.
A nation that endears its police force considers itself as part of this force and trusts it. This nation is truly a fortunate and prosperous nation.
Keeping this important force away from corruptions, blunders and offences, is a very significant task.
Sound training, education, observation of humanitarian values and piety are very important elements of the disciplinary force.





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