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Sunday, 23 September 2012 12:04

California rally blasts US-made film

The Muslim Congress has staged its first public reaction to the US-made movie, which insults Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), as the organization’s demonstrators rallied against instances of affront to divine religions in Los Angeles.


The protesters gathered outside the Federal Building in the city’s Hollywood section on Saturday to denounce hatred and religious insult.
Holding up placards, the non-profit body’s protesters denounced hate-mongering and urged promotion of love and peace. The organization seeks to promote unity among North America’s Muslims.
Religious leaders in southern California have called for an end to the religious defamation caused by the film.
Federal authorities have identified Nakoula Basselly Nakoula as the key figure behind the film. Authorities say Nakoula used the false name, Sam Bacile when he posted the video on YouTube back in July.
The film has sparked rallies in dozens of countries across the world, including Australia, Belgium, France, Indonesia, and the Maldives.

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