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Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:55

Americans slam US support of Zionist regime

Americans slam US support of Zionist regime

Americans have taken to the streets in Washington DC to condemn US President Barack Obama's ongoing financial support of Zionist regime, as his country continues in its economic doldrums.


According to Press TV, Cathy Lisa Schneider, with the Jewish Voice for Peace, at a rally march held in the nation’s capital said “We are providing a big part of the budget to a country...spending a lot of money in Occupied Palestinian Territories and we are not asking any questions about how the money is being spent.”
Activists criticized the US for its incontestable financial support of Zionist regime, particularly at a time when numerous polls also indicate that a majority of Americans are not in favor of the White House’s policies regarding the handling of the economic crisis.
Schneider added “We should question what is being done with that money and if the country is violating international law, domestic law.”
The demonstrators went on to condemn Washington for supporting Zionist regime’s aggression against the Palestinian people.
Ibrahim Oweiss a former professor at Georgetown University said “We are giving Zionist regime aid to help the country to demolish other people, to demolish their homes, to obstruct peace.”

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