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Amnesty International has warned against an alarming surge in the expulsion of Bahraini citizens stripped of their nationality, saying the Manama regime's practice is aimed at suppressing dissent in the tiny Persian Gulf state.
An international charity organization says the years-long war in Syria will cost the country $1.3 trillion if the conflict lasts until 2020.
Terrorist groups operating in Syria have used yellow phosphorous in a chemical attack on a mainly Kurdish residential district in the northern city of Aleppo, a Syrian Kurdish group says.
Zionist regime’s military forces have fatally shot a young Palestinian man who they said went on a stabbing spree along the Tel Aviv waterfront, killing an American national and wounding more than a dozen other people.
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 06:45

Mittal signs €1bn iron deal in Iran

Global industrial giant Mittal Steel on Tuesday signed a contract worth €1 billion to produce iron in southern Iran.
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says fight against terrorism requires a multifaceted strategy.
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 06:23

'Iran should revise drug-related laws'

The Iranian human rights chief says the country needs a revision of its drug-related laws so that it could dramatically reduce the number of executions related to narcotics crimes.
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 06:14

Iran exports 32 tons of heavy water to US

Iran on Tuesday announced that it had exported 32 tons of heavy water to the United States in what could be a landmark progress in the commercialization of the country’s nuclear energy program.
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 06:07

Oman signs key port deal with Iran

Oman's top Port, Salalah, has signed a basic agreement with two key Iranian southern trade terminals in what is expected to make the Persian Gulf state Iran’s new biggest trade partner in the region, replacing the United Arab Emirates.
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 05:57

Iran charges 22 for Saudi embassy attack

Around two dozen people have been officially charged over attacks against Saudi property on Iranian soil, a top Judiciary official says.