Russia rejects that it has reached a deal with Greece on a gas pipeline, under which Moscow would provide Athens with an advance payment of up to five billion euros. 
Afghanistan’s parliament has approved more than a dozen cabinet nominees recently proposed by the administration of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.
Police in South Korea have attacked protesters participating in a rally to call for more government action in response to the 2014 ferry tragedy that killed over 300 people.
A group of gunmen has ambushed a United Nations (UN) peacekeeping supply convoy in troubled northern Mali, shooting dead at least two drivers and wounding a third person.
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has condemned the ongoing violence against foreign workers in South Africa, linking the atrocities against foreign laborers to tribal tensions.
The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has claimed responsibility for a recent bomb attack near the US consulate in the capital of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, Erbil, which reportedly left four …
At least one Saudi soldier has been killed in border clashes with Yemeni tribesmen in a southwestern region of the kingdom.
A high-ranking Iranian official says increased cooperation between Iran and Australia can bolster security in the Middle East and facilitate the fight against ISIL.
A senior Iranian official says all sanctions against Tehran should be lifted once a final agreement is reached between Tehran and the 5+1 Group over the Islamic Republic’s peaceful nuclear …
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has expressed the Islamic Republic’s readiness to cooperate with Australia in the fight against terrorism.
At least 45 civilians have been killed and over a hundred injured following Saudi airstrikes on the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada.
At least 19 Tanzanian gold miners were killed when the pit they were working in collapsed in the northwestern Msalala district, a local government official said Saturday.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has condemned a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the country’s eastern city of Jalalabad, saying the ISIL terrorist group was responsible.
A high-ranking Iraqi military commander says the country’s ground forces have entered the embattled oil refinery of Baiji in the northern province of Salahuddin.
Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has proposed “targeted anti-terrorist strikes” against militants in coastal areas of Libya in a bid to halt ISIL gains and to reduce the massive influx …
Officials from Greece are set to meet with the cash-strapped country’s international creditors to discuss Athens’ bailout program and the reforms it has to implement to receive the funds.
As Iran and 5+1 Group of countries are moving closer to a final agreement over the Iranian nuclear energy program, more signs are appearing that Western businesses are already exploring …
Iran has put on display different defense achievements, including its version of the missile S-300 system, developed by local experts.
A senior Iranian military official has denounced as "ridiculous" Saudi Arabia’s allegation that Tehran is sending weapons to Yemen.
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