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New UNSC resolution invites all to nuclear cooperation with Iran: Araqchi

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbass Araqchi said on Friday that the new UN Security Council resolution encourages all countries to have nuclear cooperation with Iran.

Air pollution causes over 5.5mn early deaths in world each year: Report

Over five and a half million people are dying prematurely each year across the globe due to air pollution, a new study has found.

Role of Islamic Revolution in fostering Islamic Unity

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran on February 11, 1979 heralded the start of a new era in international developments. For the first time over the past few centuries a grassroots movement of a nation, without reliance on any outside power and with full trust in God Almighty …

Leader’s guidelines for fair, free, healthy elections

Elections and people’s vote play a pivotal and decisive role in the popular system of government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In view of this fact, months before the holding of any round of election, whether it is the parliamentary, presidential, Assembly of Experts, or for the town councils, …

Imam Ali (AS) the Epitome of Unity (2)

Salaam, and here we present you the 2nd and concluding part of a special feature titled Imam Ali (AS), the Epitome of Unity, written by Iranian thinker Seyyed Kazem Mir Jalili. Imam Ali (PuH) also believed that the destruction of right thought and counsel was an adverse consequence of division …

Obstacles to unity in the Islamic World (4)

Unity and convergence of views are to the benefit of human societies, in contrast to discord and differences that result in failure. In view of this fact, in ayah 103 of Surah Ale-Imran, the holy Qur’an stresses unity and holding fast to God’s rope. Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon …

The real obstacle to Syrian peace

Despite Russia and the U.S. coming together recently to back a U.N.-approved peace plan for Syria, major obstacles remain, including the on-the-ground reality that U.S. “allies,” such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have armed and financed terrorist forces that won’t compromise, as Gareth Porter explains.

Saudi Arabia and the “war on terror”

Speaking to the media during a visit to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter praised the Saudi monarchy for proclaiming a new so-called “Islamic alliance” against terrorism.