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At the age of six, his mother took him to Yathreb to visit her family. Umm Ayman their maid accompanied them on the journey. Here the young boy saw the grave of his father, whom he had never seen in life. On the way back to Makkah, Amena became seriously ill, and finally she breathed her last and was buried at a place called Abwa.


Now he was an orphan on both sides and alone in this wide world. But Almighty Allah is Great and Omnipresent and He alone decrees destinies. Abdul Muttalib, who was shocked on hearing the news of his daughter-in-law's sudden death, took upon himself the task of bringing up the young orphan, never letting him feel the slightest discomfort. But there was yet another shock in store, for when Muhammad [SAWA] reached the age of 8, he lost his loving grandfather too.

On his deathbed, Abdul Muttalib instructed his son Abu Taleb to see his orphaned grandson's upbringing. Accordingly, Abu Taleb gladly assumed guardianship of his nephew and took young Muhammad [SAWA] under his roof. Abu Taleb and his wife Fatema bint Asad raised the orphan as their own child, never making him feel the slightest thought of being a destitute. They loved him dearly and he loved them in turn. In later years he was often heard saying that Fatema bint Asad (the mother of Imam Ali), was like a mother to him.


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