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Tuesday, 16 March 2010 11:41

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in EU (1)

Analysts believe that it is necessary to realize the Zionist plot in order to have a correct understanding of the current developments around the world. It is not exaggeration to say Zionist spider network have fanned out across the world to destabilize countries.

The reality of today's world indicates that a fraction of Zionist Jews have been able to put their stranglehold on various world countries by using different political, cultural, economic and media tentacles. One of the main centres of Zionist influence is Europe, especially member states of the European Union. Zionism plays a major role in the process of EU decision-making through using different methods by infiltrating the parliaments and European parties, as well as the media, the press, arts and cultural centres, banks, commercial establishments and so on. Zionism, in fact, not an independent movement, but was engineered by the colonialist rivals of Europe and so has been dependent upon them well before illegal birth of Israel in 1948. In fact, Zionism was created as a result of the growth Jewish Bourgeoisie in the late nineteenth century in Europe and the United States. Zionism claims to have suffered during World War II as a result of the alleged discrimination of Jews by Hitler. Thus, after the end of the war, Zionism and its colonial masters spread the propaganda of the holocaust and on this basis they planted the illegal Zionist entity on the Muslim land of Palestine..


Zionism in Hebrew means sun. It is also the name of a mountain in southwestern part of the Islamic city of Bait ol-Moqaddas. If the Jews are to be believed their supposed Messiah will appear at this mountain. However, most devout Jews dismiss Zionism as a violation of the fundamental of Judaism and therefore against the teachings of the Old Testament. The most important political goal of Zionism is to dominate all lands from the River Nile in Egypt to the River Euphrates in Iraq. The Zionists call themselves a special people and the chosen race, and on this basis they want to enslave the other human beings including their own European and American collaborators, whom they mock as Goyim. The first Zionist congress was held in 1896 in the Swiss city of Basel the head of which was Theodore Herzl. The purpose was to plan the gradual usurpation of Palestine. Actually Zionism was planned long before by the French and British, like British foreign minister, Palmerstone in 1839 and by Napoleon Bonaparte still earlier. The initial European plan was to rid the continent of Jews by settling them Palestine so that this Muslim land could be exploited by the colonialists. Herzl built upon these theories and with the support of European colonialists facilitated the migration of European Jews to Palestine, especially after the British occupation of this land following the Turkish Ottoman defeat in World War 1. Thus, an extensive propaganda was carried out to justify the illegitimate creation of Israel by the Europeans and the Americans. The propaganda was based on the supposed oppression of the Jews, and the need for a separate state for them on the flimsy basis of the Promised Land, but actually for the seizing a large part of the Muslim world from the River Nile in the Egypt to the River Euphrates in Iraq.


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