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Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:06

Formation of anti-ISIL showy coalition by ISIL’s God-father

Formation of anti-ISIL showy coalition by ISIL’s God-father

The Saudi defence minister, whose country is the main breeder and financier of terrorist groups, announced the formation of “Islamic Military Coalition”, so to speak, against ISIL. According to Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince and minister of defence, the so-called Islamic military coalition for campaign against ISIL will consist of 34 Islamic countries.


Mohammad bin Salman, without naming the participants in the coalition which will be headquartered in Riyadh, claimed on Monday that all countries will take part in the coalition according to their capacity and ability.

The Saudi official said today all of the Islamic states are independently fighting against terrorism and there is no harmony among them; but the terrorist groups enjoy a “coherent commandment.”

The Saudi regime is speaking of shaping a coalition against ISIL while the country has been the commanding center of various terrorist groups like ISIL in the region. The regime in Riyadh, as the cradle of Wahhabism and Takfirism, is indeed the originator and exporter of terrorism in the world. The fatwas decreed by the Wahhabi and Salafi muftis of Saudi Arabia have very close relation with murdering innocent people. The fact of the matter is that the Ale Saud rulers have their roots in Takfirism which means excommunication of every Islamic sect and followers of other Islamic denominations.

The activities of the ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria and massacring men, women and children stem from the Wahhabi ideology. Saudi Arabia is keeps supporting terrorism ideologically and financially.

With respect to the clear role of the Saudis in creation and breeding numerous terrorist outfits and the goal of the Saudi regime of their activities, the announcement of formation of an Islamic military coalition against ISIL by a Saudi official is a naked lie.

The role of the Saudis and their allies in Syria, Iraq and Yemen indicate that the so-called coalition has nothing to do with fighting against terrorism and it is a mere fabrication to hoodwink public opinion.

The facts on the ground show that this coalition is a mere ostentation and will not go beyond verbal harmony; for, Saudi Arabia is the creator of terrorist groups, including ISIL, and never stand against its offspring.   

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