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Sunday, 18 October 2015 12:19

Zionist regime intent to imprison more Palestinians

Zionist regime intent to imprison more Palestinians

Palestine Prisoners Center announced that the Zionist regime seeks to draw up the imprisonment law for Palestinians under the age of 14 to incarcerate maximum number of Palestinians.


Spokesman of the center, Riyadh al-Ashqar, reported that the Zionist regime’s aim of the move is to empty the battlefield from the youths and teenagers.

Ashqar said, “Israel ratifies the laws to be able to violate the rights of Palestinians completely and weaken them spiritually and physically so that they lose the ability to struggle against Zionism after being freed.”

According to the reports the freed Palestinian prisoners usually suffer from psychological and physical diseases and some of them succumb to their ailments.   

Exacerbation of the Palestinian prisoners’ condition has stirred public concern for recent days. In such circumstances, Head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee, Issa Qaraqe’s demand from the UN chief for sending a fact-finding committee to review the conditions of the Palestinian prisoners has been widely covered by the world media.

His request was announced a few days after the martyrdom of 30 year old Fadi al-Darbi at an Israeli hospital. Al-Darbi had been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment of which he had passed 9 years.

The usurper Zionist regime, besides killing Palestinians on a daily basis, imprisons them, keeps them in dire situation and exposes them to horrific tortures which lead to their gradual death. More than 200 Palestinian inmates have been martyred for the recent years.

Escalation of heinous crimes in the Israeli dungeons indicates the climax of the regime’s bestiality. Meanwhile, the United Nation’s lethargy and inaction vis-à-vis the Zionist regime’s acts has jeopardized the lives of over 7000 Palestinian inmates. This has further necessitated the issue of prompt interaction of international bodies to seriously address the state of Palestinian prisoners.  

This, as liberation of prisoners has always been among the basic issues for Palestinians. During the recent years Palestinians have shown, through announcement of solidarity with their prisoners, that they will never give up resistance against the illegitimate Zionist regime. 

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