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Sunday, 27 September 2015 11:25

Various news wires focus on Saudi incompetence amid mainstream media blackout

Various news wires focus on Saudi incompetence amid mainstream media blackout

Although the Saudis have not presented any official explanation on the horrendous incident in Mena and death of a big number of the pilgrims of the House of God, an American daily, citing eye witnesses of the incident, emphasized that the Saudi authorities have been guilty in the catastrophe.


New York Times, citing a number of those who were present at the time of the Mena tragic incident, wrote that the Saudi officials closed the exit doors temporarily causing pressure on the swarming crowd of Hajj pilgrims.

Khalid Saleh, an employee of the Saudi government who had rushed to the area upon hearing the voices of troubled people and the sound of siren, says that a big number of people had fallen dead or injured on the ground and he heard from the pilgrims that some of the exit gates were closed for the cars of VIPs to pass.

New York Times, citing the authorities of Hajj representatives, adds that two of the exit gates were closed on the pilgrims and this caused the occurrence of the sad event.

British daily Independent also wrote in a report on Saturday that the Saudi regime is the main perpetrator of the deadly incident.

This report indicates that this year’s Hajj catastrophe has put more pressure on the Saudi regime.

This comes as Riyadh tries, through ostentatious acts, to contain repercussions of the incident; but documented evidence shows that despite Saudi regime’s efforts to accuse innocent pilgrims of being disorderly, it is the regime which is to blame.

Independent, citing witnesses, wrote that the police and relief forces didn’t have adequate experience.

Meanwhile, what is more worrying is the news that the two main exit routes were closed to give space for a few members of the Saudi royal family.     

Algerian newspapers, have also addressed the Mena catastrophe and killing over two thousand pilgrims in the bloody incident.

The daily Watan, published in Algiers, referring to the horribleness of the death of pilgrims in Mena, wrote that Saudi Arabia should accept the responsibility of the tragic event and review convening of the ceremony.

Daily al-Hurriya, also wrote in an article titled: “Saudi Hajj management under the blade of criticism”, that most of the Algerians demand deep inquiry into the event and believe that the perpetrators of Mena catastrophe should rapidly be identified and punished.

During the incident that took place on Thursday September 24, nearly 2000 pilgrims lost their lives as a result of being crushed among swarming crowd in Mena.   

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