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Tuesday, 20 July 2010 11:28

Iran FM: Occupation Cause of Insecurity in Afghanistan

Iran's Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, during his speech to the International Foreign Ministerial Meeting in Kabul said the presence of occupation forces worsened the problems in Afghanistan rather than resolving them.

Reiterating that "the occupation forces have brought nothing but insecurity and increase in opium cultivation", he listed increase in homelessness, poverty and discontent among the Afghan people as the consequences of presence of the US-led occupation forces.

The Kabul conference started its work on Tuesday with the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, foreign ministers of some 40 countries, and high-ranking officials 30 others, as well representative of various international bodies and financial institutions.

Mottaki, calling on the occupation forces to hand over security responsibility to the Afghan people, stressed that only regional states are capable of providing any durable solution to the problems in Afghanistan.

He noted that military operations by the US-led occupation forces cannot resolve the Afghan crisis, saying that in these situations what Afghanistan needs most is due attention to social, historical and especially economic realities in order to improve the impoverished conditions in the country, for the sake of national security.

After 9 years of war and occupation by the US and its accomplices, the ground realities proved that militarism and occupation has not brought stability and tranquility to Afghanistan, but has spread terrorism to other countries in the region.

Increase in terrorism because of the active support of the US and NATO of terrorist groups in the region as part of their policy to sow ethnic and religious discord, is proof of the fact that the undesirable presence of the occupation forces has intensified insecurity and violence. Today, insecurity is not just plaguing the Afghan people but is in fact directly mushrooming in neighbouring states, especially in Pakistan. In view of this fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always opposed foreign military presence in Afghanistan, stressing that the only solution is to help the Afghan government and nation, both politically and militarily, to assume responsibility themselves. Iran considered cooperation in infrastructure building in the occupied country as a pre-requisite to efforts to help the oppressed Afghan people. This is while certain countries are pursing vested interests in that country. Presumably, these countries cannot bear Iran's positive moves regarding its eastern neighbor.



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