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Saturday, 19 December 2015 04:46

UNSC approves resolution against ISIL, Al-Qaeda financial sources

UNSC approves resolution against ISIL, Al-Qaeda financial sources

UN Security Council held an open session on Thursday afternoon in order to reinforce legal measures against those, who maintain transactions with terrorist outfits. In this ministerial meeting, the finance ministers of France, Jordan, Chile, England, Spain, Angola, and Malaysia were in attendance. The participants in the UNSC ministerial meeting unanimously voted in favor of Resolution 2253 which demands the severance of the financial sources of terrorist groups such as the terrorist outfit dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL), and Al-Qaeda.

This resolution has mainly targeted ISIL and focuses on the UN means for uprooting the financial sources of ISIL terrorist group. This resolution which has been approved based on the 7th Chapter of UN Charter and will be immediately enforced, urges all UN member states to swiftly take action to sever financial sources of ISIL terrorist outfit.

The US Secretary of Treasury, Jacob Lew, whose country chairs the UN Security Council meetings in December, in an address to this UNSC ministerial meeting, said that this resolution reinforces the global financial system. This comes while Russia has criticized this resolution. Russia’s Envoy to UN, Vitaly Churkin, has noted that the commitments and obligations stated in the UN Security Council resolution on severance of the financial sources of ISIL and Al-Qaeda, lack the necessary coherence. According to Churkin, uprooting of ISIL terrorist group is only possible via taking collective actions; avoiding double standards; and removing all of the financial channels of terrorism. He added that not everyone implements the commitments stated in this resolution.

It seems that approval of Resolution 2253 should be taken into consideration as an effective measure in the campaign against the financial sources of ISIL and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups. Nonetheless, as the Russian envoy to UN pointed out, without the cooperation of all countries and without adoption of serious measures, the campaign against the financial sources of these terrorist outfits, especially ISIL, is doomed to fail. In this manner, one should wait and see whether the US as the leader of international anti-ISIL coalition, would take effective measures to prevent the state supporters of ISIL from financing ISIL or not. Meanwhile, in the view of many, especially senior Russian officials, Turkey plays the main role in oil trafficking by ISIL from Syria and Iraq to Turkey and international markets. According to Russians, smugglers purchase oil from ISL in cash and Turkey is used as a transit country, while part of ISIL’s oil is also bought at a very cheap price by Turkey.

Overall, it can be said that as long as the Western and Arab supporters of ISIL, as well as Turkey, don’t change their policy in this regard, hopes cannot be set on a successful global campaign against the financial sources of ISIL and Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, Russia, alongside its regional allies, demands resolute and serious measures for uprooting terrorist groups, including ISIL.


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