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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 05:56

Reactions to massacre of Shias in Nigeria

Reactions to massacre of Shias in Nigeria

The recent attacks of the Nigerian troopers against Shias in this African country, which claimed dozens of lives, have led to the strong reaction of the domestic, regional, and international assemblies. The Nigerian forces staged several raids against a Husseiniyeh, and the house of the Nigerian Shias’ Leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, in the Nigerian city of Zaria, on Saturday and Sunday, killing dozens of Nigerian Shias.


Meanwhile, President Hassan Rohani, in a phone call on Tuesday with the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, asked about the state of well-being of those wounded in that attack, especially about the well-being of Sheikh El-Zakzaky, while announcing Iran’s preparedness to provide assistance, especially via sending medical teams for treatment of those who sustained injuries in these raids. The Iranian president also called for establishment of a fact-finding committee for launching a probe into this incident, and urged the Nigerian government’s efforts to prevent the recurrence of these incidents.

Throughout this phone call, the Nigerian president, for his part, praised the follow up of the Iranian president on the state of Muslims round the world and in Nigeria, while adding that he will deal with those, who may have been involved in the raid against Shias.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, in a letter to his Nigerian counterpart, Yakubu Dogara, urged the punishment of the perpetrators behind the massacre of Shias in Nigeria, while calling for the release of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.
Larijani pointed out that the goal of recent attacks against Nigerian Shias has been to cause discord among the followers of different Islamic denominations, and to stage a pre-plotted conspiracy which only serves the interests of the usurper Israeli regime.

Meanwhile, the people of Tehran gathered next to the Nigerian Embassy on Tuesday, voicing their protest against the mass slaughter of Shias in Nigeria by the troopers, and demanding punitive measures against those responsible for this abominable crime.

The Tehrani protesters also lambasted the muted reaction of the international assemblies toward the carnage of Shias in Nigeria.

The Shia Sources of Emulation in the holy city of Qom, including Grand Ayatollahs Nouri Hamedani, and Saafi Golpaygani; Human Rights Headquarters of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Judiciary; the lecturers of Qom Seminary, and the international union of NGOs supporting Palestine, have also issued statements, denouncing the mass murder of Shias in Nigeria.

Based on incoming reports, in some Islamic countries, such as Indonesia, people have staged massive demonstrations to vent their anger against the murder of Nigerian Shias by the Nigerian troopers, and to voice their solidarity with Sheikh El-Zakzaky.


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