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Tuesday, 15 December 2015 03:39

Iran minister, UNODC chairman sign cooperation agreement

Iran minister, UNODC chairman sign cooperation agreement

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Interior Minister, Abdul-Reza Rahmani Fazli, and the Head of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yury Fedotov, have signed a mutual cooperation agreement for the years 2016-2019. This cooperation agreement was concluded for a period of five years at the end of the meeting on Afghanistan’s partners and neighboring countries within the framework of Iran’s anti-drug campaign in order to provide the $20 million needed for the said campaign.


Iran’s interior minister is currently in Vienna, heading a high-ranking delegation, and has been scheduled to attend the meeting of Afghanistan’s partners and neighboring countries, in addition to the 12th round of annual consultative policymaking meetings on Paris Treaty.

On Monday, Iran’s 4th cooperation agreement was signed with UNODC. However, the sufficient financial sources for the anti-drug campaign have not been appropriately provided.

Islamic Republic of Iran, due to its neighborhood with Afghanistan, which is the center of production of illicit drugs, has suffered extensive financial losses and fatalities in the campaign against illicit drugs.

Up to now, nearly 4,000 Iranian policemen and military troopers have attained martyrdom in the campaign against armed and equipped drug trafficking gangs across Iran’s common borders with Afghanistan.

The large volumes of illicit drugs which are smuggled out of Afghanistan are not just for distribution throughout the regional countries, and in fact their main destination is European countries. Meanwhile, the regional countries, especially Iran, which are en route the illicit drug transit path to European countries, have paid a heavy price.

Iran’s indomitable resolve in countering drug smuggling has never been seriously supported by other countries.

Although the United Nations has on several occasions praised and lauded Iran for its resolute anti-drug campaign; this positive UN approach has not led to an actual contribution in provision of finance and intelligence to this continuous battle against the drug traffickers.

In the mutual cooperation agreement which was signed between Iran and UNODC on Monday, it was set that countries would provide the $20 million budget needed for Iran’s campaign against illicit drugs.

Iran’s interior minister considers this budget to be insufficient, while expressing hopes that with the assistance of countries, especially the Balkan states; the campaign against illicit drugs would be taken more seriously.

According to Iran’s interior minister; some states, including the US and Europeans refrain from cooperation in regard to exchange of intelligence.

Moreover, extensive money laundering of the financial sources of drug trafficking is currently underway within the banks and financial systems of European countries. However, the European states, despite of their experience, know-how, and means for countering this extensive money laundering, are yet to cooperate with the related organizations, leading the anti-drug campaign, and Islamic Republic of Iran, as the forerunner of the campaign against illicit drugs.


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