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Monday, 14 December 2015 08:43

Nigerian troops raid Shia leader’s house in Zaria

Nigerian troops raid Shia leader’s house in Zaria

The Nigerian army forces, in order to detain the Nigerian Shias Leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, raided the house of this prominent Shia figure in the Nigerian city of Zaria on Sunday. In this raid, the Nigerian troops opened fire on those, present in this house, killing and wounding scores of people. According to a number of informed sources, in the wake of this shootout, up to 35 people lost their lives.


The Nigerian troopers besieged the house of Nigerian Shia leader with armored vehicles. However, the supporters of the Nigerian Shia leader formed a human chain around him in order to prevent the entry of military troopers.

This ambush was carried out in the aftermath of an attack by Nigerian troops against a memorial service in a Husseiniyeh in the city of Zaria.

This memorial service was held to mark and commemorate a number of Shias who were murdered a while ago by unknown assailants.

In the wake of this raid on Sunday, the Nigerian Shias held a number of demonstrations in different cities of Nigeria.

Although this attack was attributed to Boko Haram terrorist outfit, there were a number of rumors about the involvement of a number of agents in the Nigerian army in this incident.

The attack of Nigerian army troops against Shias and Shia leader in that country has been carried out, while this country has been targeted by the operations of Boko Haram terrorist outfit. According to observers, although the Nigerian army has adopted a number of measures to counter this terrorist outfit, the Nigerian troopers are yet to succeed in this regard.

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has announced that his top priority is the destruction of Boko Haram terrorist outfit. Nonetheless, this terrorist group continues to operate in Nigeria. In the latest spate of terrorist operations, on Saturday, at least ten people were killed and large numbers of others were abducted by this terrorist outfit in northeastern Nigeria.

The Nigerian local sources have announced that in this attack, eleven people also sustained injuries and many homes were pillaged by Boko Haram operatives.

Some observers believe that the Nigerian army is not resolved to uproot this terrorist group, and at times uses this outfit as pressure leverage in this African country.

A while ago, Boko Haram operatives had threatened to kill Nigerian Shias.

There are up to seven million Shias in Nigeria, and the Nigerian Shia leader is one of the important and influential figures in this African country. He has been the leader of Nigerian Shias for more than thirty years.

According to some experts, the current Nigerian government ostensibly doesn’t intend to suppress Shias in this country. But, it is in fact worried about the activities of Shias, and doesn’t take any measures to protect Nigerian Shias and to counter terrorist operations against Shias in this African country. These experts opine that at times the current Nigerian administration even takes steps against the security of Shias in Nigeria.


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