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Sunday, 13 December 2015 04:45

Saudi King makes sweeping changes in structure of ruling system

Saudi King makes sweeping changes in structure of ruling system

The Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, has issued twelve orders, dismissing and replacing a number of Saudi officials. Ten months into the instatement of Saudi King Salman, sweeping changes in the structure of ruling system of Saudi Arabia, decision to attack Yemen, and the human catastrophe in the plain of Mina are the most important developments and incidents which have occurred in Saudi Arabia in this period of time.


The Saudi raids on Yemen and the tragic incident in the plain of Mina took place due to the imprudence of the newly-appointed Saudi rulers. Meanwhile, the sweeping changes in the Saudi ruling system have been purposeful and pre-planned.

The main  goal pursued by the Saudi king in making major shifts and changes, especially throughout the first three months of his instatement, has been to set the stage for empowerment of his son, Mohammad bin Salman, who is currently at the helm of Saudi Ministry of Defense.

However, disillusionment and bafflement is clearly evident in some of the changes that Saudi King Salman has made since the start of his rule. For instance, five different officials have been appointed at the helm of the Saudi Health Ministry within a period of ten months.

Amid these sweeping changes, the Saudi minister of education was also dismissed. This dismissal took place while the Saudi Ministry of Education recently issued a circular, urging the recall of eighty religious book titles from the shelves of Saudi schools’ libraries.

This circular had instructed all Saudi schools to recall all books which were compiled by authors, affiliated to Muslim Brotherhood Society.

Despite the issuance of this circular by the Saudi Ministry of Education, it seems that the Saudi King Salman and his son Mohammad bin Salman, who are highly pressed by extremist Wahhabi clerics, are dissatisfied with the performance of this Saudi Ministry.

Mohammad bin Salam who leaves no stone unturned for his further empowerment, needs the support of extremist Wahhabi clerics within the structure of Saudi ruling system.


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