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Saturday, 12 December 2015 08:45

Russian president urges forces to step up anti-terror offensives

Russian president urges forces to step up anti-terror offensives

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has instructed the Russian armed forces to step up their offensives against the terrorist strongholds in Syria.  The Russian president, in an address to the high-ranking officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, on Friday, instructed the demolition of any terrorist target in Syria, which could pose a threat against Russian armed forces in Syria.

The Russian president also pointed out that terrorists in Syria pose a direct threat against Russia. He reminded that a number of individuals from different Russian ethnic backgrounds have taken part in terrorist operations, with some of them even boasting about their violent and suppressive operations. He reiterated that Russia should cooperate with all states that demand the destruction of terrorists, and necessary coordination should be made with the US-led Coalition. Russia has been carrying out anti-terror air and missile strikes in Syria for more than seventy days, and to this end has employed 63 jetfighters, choppers, and several warships and submarines. In this period of time, Russia has leveled more than 8,000 terrorist positions, which are backed by the West and some Arab states, in different regions of Syria. It seems that the Russian president’s emphasis on mounting attacks against terrorist outfits in Syria is a measure in line with maintenance of the Russian national security.
Moscow has on several occasions pointed out that it doesn’t allow the advancement of Takfiri terrorists toward Russia and its allied countries.  One of the root causes of Russia’s concern over the spread of extremism is that a large number of Takfiri terrorists, who are present in the terrorist outfit, dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq     and the Levant’ (ISIL), and other terrorist groups such as Al-Nusra Front, within Iraq and Syria, are Russian nationals, who could endanger Russia’s national security upon returning to their homeland. In fact, the Russian officials believe that the anti-terror battle in Syria is actually a battle for maintenance of Russia’s national security. Meanwhile, Russians have repeatedly called on Western states, which along with their Arab allies and Turkey have formed an international coalition against ISIL, to coordinate their measures in Syria with Russia so that more effective blows would be dealt against terrorists. However, the Western states accuse Moscow of attacking the opposition groups in Syria, which Westerners refer to as moderate forces. Meanwhile, Russia puts emphasis on countering all terrorist groups. Nonetheless, senior Kremlin officials put emphasis on coordinated global measures in the battle against terrorism. The Russian Premier, Dmitry Medvedov, said on November 18, 2015, that his country can defeat terrorism, but the best option in the campaign against terrorism is establishment of East and West’s united front. He also slammed the narrow-minded efforts of the West to somehow isolate Russia, and placed emphasis on the united front in the battle against terrorism.

In this manner it can be said that despite the West’s propaganda campaign against Moscow; Russia still wants to cooperate with the anti-ISIL coalition in Syria.


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