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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 03:26

US president admits that Muslims are main victims of terrorism

US president admits that Muslims are main victims of terrorism

Concurrent with mounting wave of Islamophobia in the US, the US president, Barack Obama, pointed out that Muslims have been hit the hardest by the terrorist operations of the terrorist group, dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL). For the first time, the US president admitted that the majority of those, who have fallen victim to ISIL terrorist operations, are Muslims. He also put emphasis on assistance of Islamic communities for countering and confronting ISIL Takfiri outfit, while reminding that the war against ISIL is not a US war against Islam.


The terrorist operation which was recently carried out in the city of San Bernardino in the State of California claimed fourteen lives, provoking a fresh wave of Islamophobia in the US. Some media, political figures or currents in the US have once again pointed the finger of blame at Muslims. They are hell-bent on falsely introducing Muslims as tantamount to terrorists, while urging the US statesmen to tighten the noose on Muslims in the US. This is while in the past two decades, following any terrorist incident in different regions of the world, the Islamic Ulema, clerics, and Muslim people have strongly condemned the massacre of the innocent individuals.

A glance at the operations of terrorist and extremist outfits in the past twenty years shows that Islamic communities have in fact bore the brunt of the threats posed by terrorists. There have been countless fatalities in Islamic countries in the wake of terrorist operations, pulled off by a string of terrorist outfits, such as Taleban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, and ISIL. The fact of the matter is that Muslims in Middle East and Africa have been directly hit by the terrorist activities of Takfiri groups and have also bore the brunt of the consequences of West’s measures, such as occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the Western forces, and the recurring US drone attacks in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya that have claimed numerous civilian lives. Even worse, life is getting harder for millions of Muslims, who reside in Western countries. Hence, the US president was forced to confess that Muslims are the main victims of the operations of terrorist groups such as ISIL.

Nonetheless, the remarks made by the US president mainly intended to maintain social stability in Western countries. The Western statesmen are concerned that upon the escalation of verbal and physical attacks against Muslims in Western communities, the instability and insecurity would be fueled in these countries. However, the fact of the matter is that the measures which have been conducted by Western states, especially the US, have stoked Islamophobia in the world.

Meanwhile, the campaign against terrorism and extremism is in need of the indomitable resolve and cooperation of all religions, races, and cultures.


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