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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 08:10

Saudi Bandar bin Sultan Fired as Spying Chief

News sources announced that the chief of the Saudi spying apparatus Bandar bin Sultan has been dismissed and will be replaced by interior minister Mohammad bin Nayef.


Prince Mohammad bin Nayef is in the US and it is said that he will officially take over the intelligence and security apparatus upon returning to his country.

Presently, there are a lot of conjectures on dismissal of the Saudi security chief. Bandar bin Sultan has been an outstanding figure in the internal and foreign parts of the Saudi government.

Some political circles have claimed that Bandar bin Sultan's sickness as the reason for his dismissal. But the fact of the matter is that the issue of his being fired goes beyond such speculations. Both during his stay in Washington as the Saudi ambassador in the US and the period of controlling the spying apparatus, the Saudi prince has been an influential courtier in the section pertaining to the domestic security and dealing of Riyadh with the regional issues.

Since creation of crisis in Syria by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, Bandar bin Sultan's name has been heard time and again in tandem with the Syrian crisis.

Bandar bin Sultan is one of the main mindsets and players of regional insecurity especially in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. His supports for terrorist groups acting in Syria are not hidden to anybody. This Saudi prince has very close relations with the armed terrorists in Syria. Recently he had lashed out at the Al-Saud family over its way of backing terrorists. These criticisms have annoyed Saudi monarch Abdullah.

Nevertheless, perhaps one of the reasons for firing Bandar bin Sultan was the issue raised by some Saudi authorities as Riyadh's "failure of foreign policy" regarding the Syrian crisis. Some of the political pundits have said that Sultan's performance of the recent months have even worried Washington. Now, it is expected that with the designation of Mohammad bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz as the new chief of the Saudi security, the Washington-Riyadh ties will be normalized since this figure of the Saudi royal family is trusted by the US officials.

Apart from all surmises, Bandar bin Sultan is considered as one of the successors of the monarchial regime. Bandar has been regarded as a powerful figure in the war of power among the Saudi princes. It seems that his obstinacy in decision-making was another cause of King Abdullah's fear of his power. This fear has reached the extent that the senile Saudi king has made up his mind to sack Bandar bin Sultan from the most important security apparatus of the country in a bid to alleviate part of the internal criticisms and promote Mohammad bin Nayef's position. Furthermore, changes in the Saudi security apparatus will pave the way for maintaining the demands of the US regime; especially that, according to some news sources, Mohammad bin Nayef's appointment has been done after the US officials' order.                



+1 #2 amendy 2014-02-20 15:53
This story is inaccurate. Mohammed bin Nayef is the current Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, a position too big and important for the Saudis to suddenly put him into Bandars job. Therefore not sure if the rest is true re Bandar.
+2 #1 many 2014-02-19 01:48
According to what I have read it was Saudi Arabia
Spying Chief mr bandar bin sultan who threatened
Mr Putin with TERROR on the Sochi Holympics and
Mr Putin answer was something like that he would
destroy Saudi Arabia.Now with the good news that
this TYRANT is no longer the Saudi intelligence Chief
I don,t know what may happens after the holympic
games are over.I believe at that time Russia will
have its hands to act as it see fit.It is time for A
NEW WORLD Order to emerge and replace this
present one being based on the most EXTREME EXPLOITATION and all that is considered to be the worse CRIMES against HUMANITY. We must wait
and hope for the better.

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