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Anniversary of June 5 Uprising

Anniversary of June 5 Uprising

On the anniversary of the historic 15th of Khordad or June 5 1963 uprising against the tyrannical rule of the British-installed and American-supported Shah, we focus on its causes and role of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace).

We also recall that 16 years after this historic uprising, in March 1979, less than a month after leading the Islamic Revolution to victory, the Imam had remarked: Khordad 15 or June 5 is the turning point in the history of the Islamic Revolution. Those who rose and achieved martyrdom on this day in fact launched the Islamic Revolution.

The emergence of Imam Khomeini in the early 1960s ushered in a great development in the Iranian society. The Imam not only broke the silence prevailing in the Qom Theological Seminary against the political misrule of the country, but also, by stressing the inseparable link between religion and state, questioned the corruption and exploitation of the country at the hands of foreign hegemonic powers and their local agents. What distinguished this uprising from Iran's previous events was its religious and Islamic identity. For this reason, the June 5 movement was a unique political, social, intellectual and cultural campaign that paved the way for the victory of the Islamic Revolution 16 years later in 1979. Imam Khomeini challenged the colonialist powers of the east and the west as well as international Zionism, and during his revolutionary campaign made it clear Neither East Nor West, Islamic Republic is the Best.

Imam Khomeini's leadership stemmed from his deep faith in Islam as well as his political prudence. When he was detained by the Shah regime and asked why he was interfering in politics and where are his soldiers to fight the state army, he replied: they are in cradles. The shortsighted general scoffed, but the passage of time proved the truth of Imam Khomeini's words, as 16 years later, the youthful generation of Iran inspired by his leadership, bare-handedly brought down the armed-to-teeth power of the Shah. Later, when the US imposed the 8 year on the newly founded Islamic Republic through Saddam, this youthful generation marched to the battlefields to defend the country and the sacred Islamic system by defeating the aggressor and his western and eastern backers. The Late Imam had thus a very deep insight, thanks to his profound faith in Islam and the teachings of the Prophet and the Immaculate Ahl al-Bayt. We all remember how he predicted the end of communism in his famous epistle to the last Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev, well before any analyst could ever think of its. We also remember his warnings to the Persian Gulf states against supporting Saddam, who he predicted would one day turn against them, as the Ba'thist dictator did in 1990 but occupying Kuwait and firing missiles on Saudi Arabia. We also continue to recall his prophecy that the US cannot do a damn thing and soon it will come to its end because of its tyranny against mankind. We also recall the late Imam's famous saying that Israel is a cancerous tumour and should be wiped off the map of the Middle East.

In view of these undeniable facts, it could be said that way back in 1963, Imam Khomeini had the insight of the events to unfold decades later in Iran and the international scene. If it was not the case, the Imam during his years in exile in Iraq would not have spoken so decisively of the overthrow of the Shah's regime and the victory of the Islamic Revolution. In October 1964, when the Shah signed the bill that came to be known as the ‘Capitulation Law’, since it exempted American citizens from facing any legal measures even if they were to violate Iranian laws, Imam Khomeini expressed his strong opposition to this humility of the nation, saying: “If the dog of an American were to bite the Shah, the latter will have no recourse except in an American court of justice perhaps.” Today, Imam Khomeini is no more with us but his thoughts and ideas are alive, especially the blueprint of Islamic system, which has all the characteristics of a catalyst for aspiring Muslim communities.


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