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Friday, 01 January 2016 19:03

End of a gloomy year, beginning of another

End of a gloomy year, beginning of another

Yesterday, people in the West bade farewell to the year 2015 of the Gregorian Calendar, and today they have ushered in the New Year, accompanied as usual by mirth, lights, fireworks, and of course, the other depravities that have become part of life in cultures devoid of spiritual and religious values.


In other words, it has become normal for them and their regime to commit the oldest sins in the newest possible ways on the pretext of ushering in the New Year of what some people think to be the Christian Calendar Year, when the fact of the matter is that it has nothing to do with Christianity, let alone the monotheistic teachings of Prophet Jesus (PuH).

Unfortunately, many in the Arab countries, especially the oil rich Persian Gulf states, are blindly aping the West and even outdoing it sins and frivolities, oblivious to the crimes being committed against humanity by the regimes ruling them. Bloody conflicts continue to permeate throughout the Arab world amid a growing incapacity to find solutions, which has opened the way for even more foreign interference, leading to humanitarian disasters. Saudi Arabia, the Godfather of Takfiri terrorists continues to rain down bombs on the poor people of Yemen, and in the year that ended on Thursday it has killed almost 10,000 men, women and children, besides destroying the infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, mosque, power generation plants and the like.

In 2016 the American Santa Claus is expected to beef up the Saudi arsenal to kill more Muslims in Yemen, and in other parts of the Muslim world, especially Syria. The Syrian crisis continues to fester because it became clear that Turkey, the Zionist entity, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are actively fanning the flames of the conflict with encouragement from Washington. In Libya, the Takfiri terrorists are threatening the country’s unity, thanks to Saudi Arabia.

Things are not expected to improve. According to Elias Harfoush, a columnist in London, looking back at the Year 2015, he wrote: “If I were to choose one word that summarises this year, it would be ‘refugees’.”

Thousands of images depicting convoys of refugees braving the high seas in search of safety are the most eloquent expression of the tragic conditions in the West Asia-North Africa region, where death is a daily threat and people are prepared to forsake everything to survive. People are fleeing their countries and birthplaces in search of what they assume to be a decent life in European countries, because fellow Muslims and fellow Arabs are meddling to destabilize their homelands. But Europe and North America will never be a safe haven for the refugees.

Although an agreement was reached by so-called 5+1 group with Iran concerning the Islamic Republic’s peaceful nuclear programme, the US, as the avowed enemy of Islam and Muslims, continues to throw spanner in the works, hoping that the accord will be breached. Life is gloomy in Europe because of the plummeting economy of these countries and their towing of the American line.

At the same time, the illegal Zionist entity continues to murder Palestinians in the land where Prophet Jesus (PuH) preached his message of peace. As a matter of fact, Israel is an archenemy of the Virgin-born Messiah, a reality which Christians in the West fail to understand because of their drifting away from their culture. So whose New Year is this, and who exploits it and for what purpose?  These are the questions we ought to ponder upon as the Year 2016 starts, but without hope of ending the gloom of 2015.

It would be tedious here to detail the fixing of January 1 as the New Year way back in 45 BC by the pagan ruler, Julius Caesar, who ordered the change of the Roman calendar from the spring of March to the gloom of winter, not on the basis of any prophecy of the birth of Jesus, but in order to celebrate one of his bloody military victories in a part of central Europe that had resulted in human misery such as massacre of men, rape and enslavement of women, orphaning of children and destruction of homes and hearths.

More than a millennium-and-a-half later in 1582, several centuries after the Christianizing of the Roman Empire – not on the basis of the monotheistic message of the Messiah who still remains unfamiliar to those who worship him at Church altars, but as per the weird concept of Trinity coined by the Hellenized Jew, Paul –Pope Gregory, following some revisions of Caesar’s pagan Julian calendar, launched a new calendar in his name on February 24, calling it ‘Gregorian'. He, however, reverted to the pagan practice of January 1 as start of the New Year.

It took several more centuries for January 1 to be accepted as the start of the New Year. For instance, the Netherlands adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1698; Britain and its colonies including what is now the US in 1752; Russia in 1918, after the atheist Bolshevik Revolution, and Greece as late as in 1923. It was only in the 20th century between the Two World Wars that the Gregorian calendar along with January 1 as New Year Day was forced upon the rest of the world, including the Muslim World, so that the globe would be held in ransom to the policies of the neo-Roman imperialists in London and Washington, who, while paying lip service to Christianity, hate from the depth of their hearts the Virgin-born Messiah and his monotheistic message of peace, virtue, and social justice. It is worth noting that none of the Orthodox Churches – Greece, Cyprus, Constantinople (Istanbul), Alexandria (Egypt), Antioch (Syria), Cyprus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia etc – have accepted the Vatican's imposition of the Gregorian calendar and January 1 as New Year Day.

All said and done, the New Gregorian Calendar Year, whatever its origin, and in whatever the West and its client regimes in the Arab World celebrate it, is not expected to bring any relief to humanity.


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