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Saturday, 28 November 2015 10:19

Russia’s NATO representative slams recent Turkish measure

Russia’s NATO representative slams recent Turkish measure

Alexander Grushko, the Russian permanent representative to NATO, announced on Friday that NATO knows well that downing of the Russian fighter jet by the Turks has caused stakes for this military coalition’s entirety and Turkey is dragging them into a dangerous game. The Russian diplomat added that the current situation is very risky. Grushko noted, “The last time when a NATO member attacked a Russian aircraft was in early 1950s. The Russian official, saying that the NATO secretary general has called for calm after the Turkish attack, stressed that it is Moscow and Ankara that should solve the problem.


Alexander Grushko made it clear, “These remarks show that NATO tries to be as much distant from this incident as possible.”

It seems that the senior NATO officials, with respect to the serious reactions on the Russian side, have become aware of the sensitivity of the condition and seek to prevent exacerbation of these conditions by any means possible. However, Russia, believing that Turkey has stabbed it in the back, has started retaliatory measures against Turkey. Evidence indicates that these retaliatory attacks will be intensified especially given that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not accepted his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s request for Turkey’s official apology. Thus, Russia is going to enforce a full pack of various kinds of punishments against Turkey including economic, commercial and military embargos. In view of this, Vladimir Petrovich Komoedov, Chair of the Russian Duma’s Defence Committee, announced that his country will not take part in the joint drills with Turkey in the Black Sea.

Nevertheless, given that Turkey is an old NATO member and plays a significant role in the southern section of this organization’s extension and according to the 5th principle of the NATO statute, NATO has no choice but to rush to Ankara’s help in case of any attack by Russia to Turkish aircrafts or any other kind of offensive against the Turkish territory. Yet, all of the officials of the organization know that fulfilling such an obligation requires war with Russia and it will have very extensive and unprecedented repercussions. Therefore, despite early stances of NATO in support of Turkey, its secretary general, adopting more cautious stances, has called for containment by both sides of the dispute to prevent occurrence of similar events in Europe through revision of security regulations such as the ones pertaining to the confrontation of Russian and western planes.

These stances indicate that, in spite of NATO’s early saber-rattling over standing against any potential Russian measure, the organization has realized well that Russia is not an insignificant rival to be encountered easily. However, the Russian officials believe that the Turkish measure was not an abrupt act; but it had been coordinated with the United States beforehand to force Russia to halt its air raids against ISIL terrorist in Syria. In short, Russia thinks that any complaisance against Ankara will have untoward consequences for its strategy in West Asia and will further embolden Russia’s regional and international enemies. Hence, it has not only stationed S-400 missiles in Syria but has also started all-out punishments against Turkey.             


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