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Saturday, 21 November 2015 19:54

I can never believe Muslims perpetrated Paris attacks!

I can never believe Muslims perpetrated Paris attacks!

In this article, we will talk about the false claim of the western media that the terrorists who recently massacred people in Paris were Muslims and had carried out this crime against humanity by chanting Allaho Akbar. We also nail the lie of the Takfiri terrorists to call themselves Muslims, when they do not even have the remotest connection with Islam, except for their Arabic names.


My name is Jeanne Dylan. I am a special policeman in Nice City in France. Presently, along with 1500 police forces, I have been stationed in Paris for controlling the security situation. Friday night within 5 hours at least 8 terrorist incidents took place in which about 130 people were killed. The number of casualties is increasing, for; about 100 of the injured are in critical condition. Over 350 more injured were rushed to medical centers. Fear has swept the entire city. The government has declared 3 days public mourning, closed schools and educational centres, and postponed several public activities. Security forces are seen all over the city. Various news networks are broadcasting the news and information related to these incidents. Among the news which is being continuously repeated in the media, and which has attracted my attention, is the claim that terrorists were chanting Allaho Akbar while shooting at people. I cannot believe it. Is Islam such a violence-prone religion? We have got to find answers, instead of believing whatever the media says.   

My name is Mansoureh. I am an Iranian who lives in Mashhad. In July 1988, my son Mohammad set out for the United Arab Emirates to obtain a visa from the US embassy for continuing his higher studies. But the US navy’s warship Vincennes shot down in Persian Gulf water the Iran Air passenger plane on which he was flying from Bandar Abbas to Dubai. My innocent son, along with 289 civilians was killed. Since then no hour has passed without my grief ever decreasing for my son. Whenever I become restless, I take refuge in God and say Allaho Akbar, which soothes my heart. Years later in September 2001, when I viewed on the TV the plowing of two planes through the 110-storey high Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center, resulting in the collapse of the huge building and the death of over 3,000 people, my heart was filled with grief for the American mothers who lost their sons and daughters. I believe that like my son, who was the victim of US state terrorism these people were innocent victims of another gruesome act of terrorism, which was certainly not carried by Muslims as alleged. When I watched the collapse of the tower’s floors, my heart could not tolerate this and once again I took refuge in God and I called Him, by saying Allaho Akbar. Since then whenever a mention was made of September 11, I sympathize with the bereaved mothers and say Allaho Akbar. I can never believe that anyone who really says Allaho Akbar would ever indulge in such cowardly violence.

My name is Osman and I have a shoe shop in Arzegan of Qandahar province in Afghanistan. In 2002 I lost to NATO air raids three of my daughters who had gone to attend a wedding ceremony. I have since hung their scarves on the wall of my room and every morning I look at them and become overcome with grief. I ask the question, why did the Americans and Europeans killed my daughters and other Afghans for no fault? I take refuge in God. I call Him and say Allaho Akbar. Three years later I saw the picture of an old man of my age who had lost his daughter in a bomb explosion in London subway and he was crying over her body. I also wept, for; his daughter was killed innocently like my innocent daughters. I am sure no Muslim was involved in that act of terrorism, as the western media alleges. Since then whenever my heart is pained at the remembrance of my daughters, I also remember the old man of London, and I pray for him by beseeching God and saying Allaho Akbar. God is Great and All-Merciful, and He sent Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny) as Mercy unto all the creation. Therefore, I will never believe that a Muslim would indulge in terrorism by blowing himself by chanting Allaho Akbar, as the media alleges. These are all plots, and those indulging in such acts of terrorism are not Muslims but are on the payroll of the enemies of Islam, in order to tarnish the peaceful image of Islam, so as to prevent world nations from finding the calm and tranquility which one attains by saying Allaho Akbar. 

I am Khaled and I am 13 years old and I live in locality in Alexandria of Egypt. My father is bookseller. In 2009 when I was 6 years old, one night my father did not return home. His bookshop remained open and no one had any information of him. Four years later, when I was 10 years old, my father suddenly returned home one night. We were all happy. He was in grief. The US agents had kidnapped him and taken him and flew him out of Egypt to a secret jail in Poland. This is terrorism, but unfortunately we Muslims are being called terrorists by the Zionist-controlled western media, while the real terrorists, such as the Israelis, are absolved of all terrorist acts by the so-called international media. In the three years that my father has returned back he has never spoken of what humiliation he suffered in the American prison. He has turned into the most silent father of the world. He never spoke up, although he suffers from nightmares most of the nights. My grandmother has taught me, my sisters and my brothers that whenever we wake up from his screams, we pray to God for tranquility and say Allaho Akbar. Later on when I saw the pictures of the people held captive by the Takfiri terrorists, who have been created by the Zionists, the US, Turkey, and West European regimes, through huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, once again my grief becomes fresh for the hapless victims of terrorism. I now know who the real terrorists are. I can never believe that these Takfiris are Muslims or pray and chant Allaho Akbar. If they ever do this, it is for the sake of cameras in order to deceive the world and tarnish the image of Islam, because these agents of the Zionists, the US and reactionary Arab regimes, never believe in Islam. I pray for the release of the captives held by them, and I beseech God with expressions of Allaho Akbar. I am now hundred percent sure, the terrorists who massacred people in Paris ever said Allaho Akbar or were Muslims, as alleged by the French media.

My name is Mariya. I am originally from Iraq but I live in Munich, Germany. My husband who is from Libya is an ardent football fan. He had gone to Paris for watching the French and German teams play, and he was injured in the bomb explosion that rocked the stadium. He has since been in a coma in the hospital. I fear that I might lose him. I feel pity for my children who lost their maternal grandfather in the inhuman American prison in Baghdad, while two of their paternal uncles were killed in NATO attacks on Tripoli in Libya. I am worried for my husband, and seek refuge in God by reciting Allaho Akbar.

TV channels repeatedly screen the recent terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris, and resulted in a fresh wave of Islamophobia. I feel sympathy for everyone who has lost their dear and near ones, like me and my children. I seek patience for the survivals and call God and say AllahoAkbar, but I can never believe that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were Muslim or they uttered the sacred phrase Allaho Akbar while carrying out the cowardly attacks, as the French and other western media horns allege. I pray for opening of the gates of Divine Mercy for all humans and I cannot believe that those who blew up bombs in Paris ever said Allaho Akbar.


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