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Saturday, 10 May 2014 06:52

Hollywood’s Blasphemous Film on Prophet Noah

Hollywood has long tried to deceive the gullible public by producing the so-called biblical films on the Prophets of God, such as Moses, Jesus, and now Noah (peace upon them). The intention is not to inform viewers of the facts of faith, but to twist and distort the lives of the Prophets of God, both to earn quick money and to convey to them the message of the Zionists, and not of God. For this reason, both devout Christians and Muslims have become offended by the screening of the latest such film by Hollywood on Prophet Noah, directed by Darren S. Aronofsky, whose intention is clearly irreligious – under the guise of religion.  


In 2004, when he started writing the script of the film Noah, Aronofsky said in interviews that his film differs with the religious narrations and that the ancient patriarch, Noah, was not just the builder of the Ark, but was an early biologist. He said the Noah of his movie cultivated the first ever vineyard in history and the first one who fermented grape juice, drank alcohol and became intoxicated. This is nothing but distortion of facts by Aronofsky and actually blasphemy concerning one of the greatest prophets of God, whose character was spotlessly pure and free of any moral defects. In this film, Russell Crowe plays the role of Noah in the film which is full of special visual scenes such as the animals entering the huge Ark, the gushing of water from the ground before the deluge, and the dry ground after the storm ended and the flood waters had receded. Nonetheless, as is clear, the producer had deliberately distorted facts about the life of Prophet Noah. Most of critics and viewers believe that the film has deviated from the account of this Great Messenger of God as mentioned in the Torah and the holy Qur’an.

Noah is a vegetarian. He shuns urban life, lives in a tent in the wilderness, and teaches his children against destroying the natural environment. The cities are inhabited by people who consider themselves superior to others and do not believe in the Creator. The producers have not mentioned “God” in the film and have deliberately used the term “Creator” which can have different interpretations. The film is intended to please the atheists and the Godless, as is evident by Noah’s conformity of views of creation and evolution with the theory of Darwin. As a publicity gimmick, it is claimed that an irreligious director has produced an excellent religious film, but after watching the movie one realizes that the film is nothing but an insult to religious values of both Christians and Muslims. Darren S. Aronofsky claims that the release of his film at a time when the natural environment is in a mess and people are wantonly destroying nature carries a message, since Noah was the first environmental activist, who endeavoured to preserve animal, bird and insect species. It seems that the sudden enthusiasm of Aronofsky and his other Hollywood colleagues for producing a religious film has other reason other than helping to upgrade spirituality and human values.

The Vatican, the seat of Catholic sect of Christianity, made it clear in its official organ, Romano newspaper that the film on the life of Noah is not in accordance with the narration in the Bible. This is in response to Russell Crowe’s repeated attempts to get the endorsement of Pope Francis for the film. He had also appealed to the Pope to watch the movie on Twitter and other social networks. The Vatican-affiliated newspaper L'Avennire also rejected Hollywood’s attempt to portray its production Noah as a biblical film. It said this Hollywood film is a "missed opportunity" which ignores God. While criticizing the film for straying too far from the biblical account of the Noah, Vatican’s film critic, Mimmo Muolo, called the film a cross between Crowe’s earlier films "The Gladiator", "the Harry Potter Series" and "the Lord of the Rings".

Other Christian groups have also criticized the film on Noah and called for its boycott.

There has been an outcry against this film in Muslim countries as well. A Turkish lawyer in Istanbul lodged a complaint against screening of the film Noah. According to the daily, Hurriyat, lawyer Yusuf Arikal is inviting signatures to a well prepared scroll with the theme "Defense of Noah". He said the film is not in accordance with the historical facts as well as the religious accounts of Prophet Noah as mentioned by the holy Quran. Many of the Islamic states including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia and Indonesia have banned the screening of the film considering it contradictory to Islamic narrations. Egypt's al-Azhar university, based on a fatwa that forbids any movie depicting the face of divine Prophets, has banned the film Noah. An opinion poll in the US shows that 98 percent of religious viewers were discontent with the movie saying it was not in accordance with the account which was mentioned in Bible. Some prominent personalities and Christians of Cape Town in South Africa criticized the movie due to the same reason. The officials of South African churches have called on people not to waste their money and if they seek to watch a religious film loyal to history, Aronofsky film will not satisfy them.

Many Muslim majority countries criminalize blasphemy, and have accordingly banned the film on Noah. The holy Qur’an mentions only 25 prophets by name, including Noah. Muslims believe that Noah, who is referred to in Arabic as Nuh, built his ark after God charged him to do it as people in his community took to idol-worship by straying away from the worship of the One and Only God. While there are differences between the biblical and Qur’anic story of Noah, both mention a terrible flood and Noah's vessel saving a pair of each kind of animal. There are many children's films and cartoons created that tell the story of Noah in Islam without showing his face. Noah is the first of the Five Great Prophets of Islam – the others being Noah, Moses, Jesus, and the Last and Greatest of them, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

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